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20 February 2013



Some of us are still listening. Welcome back! I felt the same way you're feeling when I returned home from Indonesia. I am constantly trying to get rid of "stuff" that's taking up space in my life. To be entirely cliche, less is more.


"Simplify" is my word of the year. Lovely to "hear your voice" and see a door. Its a happy thing. Welcome back. Awareness of the contrast is healthy. And surely alarming.


I am still here, and I am still listening :) Welcome back!


I'm always here, even if I don't comment.

Sonja Richter

You are still on my Google Reader. It's nice to hear from you again. Knús og kossar.

Katie K

The beauty of RSS means that your subscribers are notified when you post. I love your typo, "the see of fiber". Of course it's also the touch! Everything is connected. Be kind to yourself.


It's good to have you back, my friend, and I look forward to catching up with you in person and hearing all about your travels. Yes, the contrast must be terribly jarring -- honestly, I can't imagine. But I hope you settle into a groove soon. xoxo


Glad to have you back, what an adventure you've been on. Our consumerism must be overwhelming after a trip like this. I've been at home and am overwhelmed also and have discovered it's not making me happy. I need to pare down and live with less. It will be interesting to see how this works with my shopaholic husband! Welcome home.


It's good to see you here again.


glad to see you here again. And your fotos are simply lovely.

Tamara Lin

I'm still here, still listening, and very happy to see a post from you. :-)


Welcome back. I have missed your musings. I look forward to being inspired by the relections that you will share with us about your reawakening.


I'm always here. Google reader tells me when you post.


Still here. Your voice has been missed.

Caroline M

Google says that you have 634 subscribers so I shouldn't worry about talking to the wall. I imagine that the longer you leave it the harder it is to jump back in, do you pick up where you left off, try to pull together a summary, pick out the highlights or carry on as if you never left the room?

It was a pleasant surprise to see you back today and it can't have been easy.


Good to see you back. How I wish I could send certain people on a trip such as yours to gain perspective.

Looking forward to hearing more.

Bookish Wendy

Hi hi. Looking forward to hearing more of you. Xoxo


I'm happy to listen. Also, to caffeinate. Always. Any day.


welcome back!!!!

Lee Ann

Very happy to read you again. Upheaval, internal or otherwise, does have a rather intense effect on one's ability to tell the story in a public way. But you've returned to your blog a full half year faster than I returned to mine! I'm looking forward to hearing your stories, my friend!

jennifer moles

Still here!!!


You stayed in my RSS feeds, so here you are again! Welcome back!


I am here as well and its good to hear that you are 'out there' yet. I am with you with the "too much" and am working my way through it. My fiber is boring me tho, or I have too many to make a choice to spin..not sure which.


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