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01 June 2011



hey girlie - I just wanted to alert you to this: http://wwwbluemoonriver.blogspot.com/2011/05/joplin-missouri-quilt-guild-needs-our.html

in case you run out of takers and really want to give stuff away :)


I would be ecstatic to receive any amount. I have had a life long addiction to all things fabricy,yarny, fibery of any sort! I belong to a knitting group whose members all have terrible soft spots for bags of any kind.So I am the one that usually comes up with the ideas and does the sewing.I have a drawstring project bag that I make that seems to e a favorite. So any gift of fabric is always appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I have to admit, I'm tempted by all the beautiful fabrics you have. I did some quilting a while ago, and would love to try to get back into it. I don't have any sad stories, but I do have a 10 year old who is starting to learn about sewing and I'd love to push her into an interesting direction. At the moment, she's just sewing pillow cases at her grandma's house. I know she could do more.


Hello, I am a knitter and sometimes spinner. My husband and I garden and can. I am interested in learning about other domestic arts. Recently I acquired an old sewing machine. It belonged to my grandmother and it was given to me after my grandfather passed away and my grandmother was moved into assisted living. She is now in the dementia unit. I am especially interested in mandalas. I've been coloring madalas as of late as a means to relax and find my centre. I am healing after going through a failed IVF cycle. I would like to learn to sew and if I quit, I would like my design to be influenced by mandalas. Thank you for listening and it is nice to meet you!

Judy H.

Ooh, more lovelies! I didn't mention before that most of my quilting is applique work. I have a project right now that's baskets, where all the baskets are made with floral fabric. That project's almost done, but I'm thinking I want to do that again, maybe with pieced baskets and appliqued flowers? A pieced basket with alternating floral and solids? Hrm...


I will confess I don't make quilts with fabric, I make lots of....aprons. Yeah-lots and lots. How dairy of a mad housewife is that???! Still- they are retro and useful. I make them for those poor blind nuns in nursing homes who knit underwear for prisoners in Boliva. Poor dears, they keep spilling jam from their toasts onto their skinny little laps and not even knowing they have done it. anyhooo, I can't think of a more worthy cause than this for you to donate to. And its tax deductable. Win win if you ask me. Huh? What's that? Outright story telling wasn't part of the rules? I could of sworn I saw that somewhere. oh. my bad.


I love the florals. I have quilted sparsely, but love it, and want to get back into it. I have a young son for whom I have not yet made a baby quilt, and I would love to make him a big floral quilt! I don't know if he'd thank for for that later or not, though.


Argh, I meant, "I don't know if he'd thank me for that later or not, though." Meaning that he might not love the florals. But maybe he will embrace the florals.


If the fabric is still available I would be very interested in receiving it! My youngest daughter is pregnant with her first baby, due in Nov. I have sewn, crocheted, knitted and done embroidery. The one thing that I have not tried is quilting! Now it is not because I don't have the time or skills, It's just that I recently purchased my first ever NEW sewing machine. I have always had used/handed down machines, but this my first new machine, and it purrs like a kitten. I have made curtains and a few other things since getting my machine, and now that I have a new grandbaby coming a baby quilt sounds like the perfect thing to "cut my quilting teeth on". It's not too big nor too small of a project. So as you can see the fabric would be put to good use. Thank you for thinking of giving your fabric a new home. Wherever it ends up I am sure it will be loved.

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