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01 June 2011



As I look down and see that I am in fact wearing turquoise and hot pink right now (don't judge me, I have little fashion sense) this is what I would do with this particular lot of fabric:

I would patchwork piece it together and make myself thai fisherman pants and shorts for the summer. And I would wear these in public and provide you with photographic evidence for your amusement. :D

Gina in the SF Bay Area

I'm working with some friends making some quilts for the Quilts for Japan project. (You know - when in doubt make a quilt or knit a blanket!) We have been through a few good shakers here near SF, so we can relate to the feelings of constant stress and unease brought about by the quakes and their aftershocks. We thought the bright colors might bring a smile and warm American hug to a child who lost his/her favorite cuddle item. In exchange, we'll send pics of the FO's.

Kathleen Harvey

I want them for purely selfish reasons. I love the colors and when I saw the post my heart leapt. I could try to do something charitable with it but as Isaid this is a selfish desire. Please know that I am a very charitable person and I really understand the clearing away event you are in. I gave 12 bins of stuff away last year because I felt the need to and then my creative side started up again! If you pick me I will return a full heart thank you.

Jenny in Jersey

Following an accident and some personal crises a few years back, I gained waaay too much weight. I am now better than half way thru eliminating 70lb. of excess (thank you Weight Watchers). Preparing for a trip to The Met to see Savage Beauty and the Andean Tunics (neither should be missed by any who can get there) I realized I have nada cool to wear. A pieced vest would be just the thing...would still be wearable when I reach goal...and plan to make a coupe pieced dresses using Mary Adams "Party Dress" book. I love bright, but any strong colors would be lovely.

And hey...good to hear from you again.

Tia Pet

The reason I want the fabric. I love to knit and started to do it more to quit smoking. I quit all most 2 years ago when my fiancee died and have just kept going. I saw this fabric of yours and loved it. I have been trying to pick out fabric to line bags that I have been making and never found a fabric that would go perfect with the bags that I have been making until I saw your assortment and there it was and it wasn't just 1 it was all of them. I loved them all and the colors were perfect! Doing what I do keeps my mind off of smoking and of my loss. And I love to make things to give to random strangers that look like they are in need of a certain "pick me up". This brings me a certain joy when there has been way to much hurt and sadness.

Jenny in Jersey

"I cannot pretend to be impartial about the colors. I rejoice with the brilliant ones, and am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."
Winston Churchill

Carrie S.

So about a week ago I was in JoAnn's, because my boyfriend needs an RFID-proof case to put his new passport in. So we went back to the quilting cottons. And while we were there, two totally different bolts reached out and grabbed me (I swear!). And since they don't go with each other, I'm going to have to build a project around each one, right? So I have to build up my stash of brights...

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