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25 June 2011



oh man. I have whiled away many a pleasant hour in that shop. sorry to hear it.


Despite having a smartphone that could have e-books, I'm still firmly in the printed-on-paper book camp. I don't have an e-reader. I am sorry to hear your local bookstore looks like it is going under. While I can't do anything to save yours, your post encourages me to gently remind my friends to support their local shops.
I decided a few years ago to buy from my little local bookstore when possible after I finally applied the logic that local yarn stores are only around if we buy from them (I think we knitters all know that) to other local stores. This little shop obviously can't stock what a giant book warehouse can. While Amazon has always had everything I looked for, my local shop is within walking distance so I get an in-stock book there faster than if I were to buy it online. They usually can order everything else, although not with overnight shipping. It takes self-restraint to ignore the inner two-year-old ("I want it now!") when a book is just so interesting that I don't want to wait a week or two to get it; I have to tell myself that I have not yet personally experienced a book emergency. :)


The prospect of losing yet another indie bookseller in NYC -- and such a fine one, at that -- makes me want to cry. My husband bought me an e-reader for my birthday a couple of years ago, and while I do use it on occasion, I still prefer to buy books (and I prefer to buy them from independent bookstores, challenging though that may be). Though I'm no longer in the city every day, I'll make it a point to get over there this week. Thanks for posting this.

Nebraska Knitter

Support your local bookstore. We lost a very good one in my community. Thanks for posting and raising awareness.

Paula O'Neal

"I love the paper. I love the words on paper. I love turning pages and being able to flutter back through them to re-read something that affected me profoundly." AMEN and AMEN Thank you for words near to my heart. Paula in Iowa

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