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22 July 2009



That one I know the answer to. Because you stretch the fabric out so much when you block lace, if you wove them in before, they'd get pulled out substantially in the blocking. So if you wait until after, you know the weaving in is secure.

Gorgeous scarf.


I thought it was so you'd know how much the knitting was going to stretch, and so the blocking didn't dislodge the whole woven-in end. I could also see an imperfectly-woven end constricting a motif or two...


OK, those are good reasons. I failed this test.


Because as you pull and stretch the lace to its maximum, some of the ends may "pop" out of their tidy little places.!! Don't ask how I know this to be VERY true!

Caroline M

What they said. I've always woven last because I'm bone idle and put it off for as long as I can but I congratulate myself that I'm doing the right thing.


I weave, then block, and only after blocking do I snip off the extra. It's worked so far. . .

Linda M.

Wish I had an "agree" button to click, so "what they all said!" Is the knitting the Peacock one from the Estonian Lace book? My copy came yesterday and I am drooling over it but making myself finish two projects before I start one from the book.


I weave in the ends before I block but I don't cut the tails until after blocking.


I'm with Susan.


Oh, I'll be the party pooper. How's the room cleaning coming along?


I'm glad you asked that question, I had no idea. Lace looks great!

Lola LB

I always weave in before blocking. I usually overlap the new yarn with the old yarn and knit 3 or 4 stitches before continuing with the new yarn. After I"m done, I weave in both ends through about 1/2 to 1 inch on each side, making sure to stetch out the fabric. And when I trim the yarn, I make sure to leave about an inch or so remaining. To date I haven't had the ends pop out after blocking.


Gorgeous lace!! Makes me want to cast on another new project. What pattern is this?

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