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08 July 2009



Awww. That's purty.


Also, am near speechless at the idea that you doubted your lace knitting destiny. You. You who got your shawl mojo on my in 2005 and corrupted me into a shawl knitter.


Beautiful! I love a shawl in a natural wool color. I think it will be fabulous once blocked.


Good luck with the shawl! It looks beautiful, and I'm sure all the details will stand out very well once it's blocked. I've been wanting to make this pattern in a natural color as well. Looks like you beat me to it.

Sue H

Looks like a beautiful WIP. Those nupps will pop once you block it. Can't wait to see those pictures! Happy knitting.

Caroline M

It looks lovely and you just know that the pattern will pop when blocked. I'm a fan of shawls that start off small so that I have chance to mess up a new pattern while I'm just on a few stitches. There is also the small matter that although I know all the tricks to casting on a ton of stitches (512 in my case) I can still shoot myself in the foot (that 512 - well it should have been 522).


Oh that looks beautiful. Is that Shetland soft? I just got a soft grey yearling shetland fleece. I look forward to seeing your knitting in progress!


I think I need some of that lace mojo. I have done a few simple very simple lace-ish things (cat paw scarf) and I started a nupp-filled stole and got probably 12 inches into it. Then I started Hanami and it's not a complicated lace pattern but I got off somewhere and have not been able to right it. Even though every other row is a purl row, even though I have tinked back at least 6 rows now - it just doens't make sense with my brain.

I can't decide if I just don't have a lace brain or if I just need to see the light somehow...

love yours though ;)



And what you say about wanting to start big and then get smaller to maintain momentum rings very true!


Gorgeous! Once blocked, it will be a gem!


Beautiful! I should try starting big... Having hundreds of stitches at the end of a project always discourages me from finishing those last two or three inches...


It is as much about tactile texture as visual texture. Be patient. Blocking will prove your choice of yarn was excellent.


Gorgeous shawl!


Beautiful shawl! The yarn is so yummy-looking.

My problem with starting out at the larger part of the triangle when knitting a shawl is that invariably I find myself wanting to expand and enlarge the pattern to make a bigger shawl. Kinda hard to do that when you're working your way to less sts!

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