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19 June 2009



I TOLD you you should blog these. Fantastic!


These are fantastic. I've been sewing a little bit lately. I even took a class and that helped a lot with my insecurity towards sewing. Any chance you can post a tutorial for these bags? If you can't don't worry about it.

Is the knitting pattern Norn? I was just thinking about it yesterday or the day before and wondering what happened to it ;)


Great bags. I bet you could sell that pattern too, if you wanted to...

Sorry about the baby bird. Even though my general view of these things differs from yours, cats are particularly cruel.


Bird rescues are very hard. None of mine have ever made it, but I'm always glad that I tried.

Caroline M

Dear me, it must be something in the air. I made my first bag today (handwoven, inkle straps) and tomorrow I'll be sewing the mark II version. Mine are going to be sock knitting bags but that's because I've got a fabric width of 14".

I didn't expect that the jay story would end well but I'm glad I didn't have to witness it.

Robin Marie

If it helps, I always (when possible) coordinate my project with it's bag. I love my Harmony KPs because they match everything. You're not alone in crazy land:)


They are great! Reversible, how wonderful. I am a self taught sewer so I don't know that I am great at it but I do get inspired. those totes are inspirational for me. Something new to learn. The fabrics are gorgeous.


I'm so sorry about the baby bird. On a happy note, I LOVE the bags. Great stuff, C.


Here is a list of wildlife rehabbers in the tri state area... they are the place you should take any injured wildlife this way they are safe from other animals, and the person is trained in their special needs as wildlife.



How about putting the bag pattern up for sale too? Unlike blouses or pants that require specific curves for sleeves and crotches, the bag pieces look to be regularly geometric. You could show piece shape with detailed dimensions in the instruction sheet and still be able to do a pdf document. I'm always on the lookout for a good bag pattern/idea.


I love the bags! Too bad you aren't selling those.

The Norn sock pattern will be mine before the day is out.

Bird rescues - we've done a few but only 1 worked. So sad.

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