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22 June 2009



You know now much I loved this pattern! Yay...I'm so glad it's for sale and I love the new back lace pattern. :P)


I've been waiting for these since I saw you working on them at the last NYC knit-out. That was only a couple of years ago?


Vá Cassie! Geðveikt flottir sokkar. Til hamingju!


Nice. And purchased :)


Nicely done!


The sign of a good pattern is the ability/willingness to make it again and again. I love the back.


Just readig this now - a little late for your baby bird however... next time, you can feed him (her) cat food. Just offer it to the bird on a wooden tongue depresser, held a bit higher than his beak. (Like a mommy bird). When he is full he will stop and when he peeps again, fill him up. I know it seems strange but I work at a veterinarians and this is what we do.


Beautiful socks! It looks to me as if they are knit toe-up...?

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