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09 September 2008



Wow, thank you for this writeup. I've always wanted to go to Iceland, and now I can tell that it's a good thing. ;)


Hallgrimskirkja was one of the first things we did on our trip to Iceland...the views from that belltower are amazing! We had one sunny afternoon of meandering, but of course the light was soooo different in November! Now, I agree that NYC is pretty filthy, but we were a bit surprised in such a pristine setting as Iceland to find so much graffiti on all the buildings and so much chewing gum on the sidewalks! Not so much as we got away from the very center, but it was really kind of shocking. The other surprise was to find a possible ancestor of my DIL in one of the museums in a display on the emigration of Mormons from Denmark through Iceland! I definitely want to go back with more time!


I think it's just being in a new place that keeps you on the go. I don't know about the griminess of NYC vs Reykjavik, but I know that when I visited my inlaws in Montana I was ALWAYS outside, even during blizzards. I wanted to walk and hike and poke around, and I lamented that there was no beautiful landscape in my town to do the same. But there is - life just gets in the way of me seeing it.


We could so travel together. That was a perfect description and I know precisely what you mean. So much of what you said is right on - travel can be disappointing when you start out with preconceived notions of how people behave and what to expect, the fun is in the unexpected and it's much more important (and satisfying) to experience the FEEL of a place than to check off landmarks visited.

btw - when we started our section hike of the Pinhoti trail a few years back, we decided to hike it north to south because going "downhill" would be easier. :o)


What I find really interesting about your photos of Reykjavik is how colorful some of the buildings are. Not something that one really expects that far north. Many northern cities that endure long winters compound the gloom with totally drab colors in their buildings. The Icelanders appear to understand the role of color in one's perception of the world. Coming upon the rich red, blue, green sequence of houses can only improve one's day.


I definitely fell in love when I was there. Even though I love NYC I have to say I think I could easily live in Iceland. I felt very at home there.


Somehow, you have managed to instill a sense of wistful sadness in me through your posts and lovely photographs, and I have never been to Iceland! Let's hope that a trip to this beautiful country is in my future.


I'll be interested if you feel the same about Iceland after your second visit. I recognize the wistful longing. For me, after my second visit to the longed-for place it becomes more normal/every-day/less magical. Still lovely and fun, but the longing abates quite alot.


Welcome to the club...I love Iceland, I lived and worked there for 18 months, then I went back for two weeks vacation, and finally a three-month stay. We talk about it all the time that we should go on a familytrip....
Great photos!


Somehow I opened this webpage while browsing the internet. As every Icelander it makes me happy to learn how visitors experience my country and I'm sure we are all very happy to have visitors up here.

Btw. there is more to see in Iceland than just Reykjavik............


Oh, what a lovely post. You capture beautifully in words the longing I understand so well. It's why some people are constantly on the move, hoping they'll find that feeling permanently.


Carrie's right -- you get similar incredible vistas even when in town. Ditto for northern Utah. From your photos of Iceland, though, there's something else, a top-of-the-world feeling? Perhaps from the isolation?


Um, thinking, it's like being above the alpine way up in the high Sierra.


Well, if you want any photos of the grocery store, just say the word. :-)


Thank you Cassie for this lovely piece of travel literature (one of my favorite genres). Paris has no such landscapes, but is one of the best places there is for meandering. ;-)


I know what you mean about majesty on the horizon - experienced that on a business trip to Denver. I would step outside the hotel and look to my left and see the Rockies up close and personal and think, "That's not real. That's a picture postcard." I live in a small city with only two yarn stores, and while the opportunities for entertainment are limited, you learn to take advantage of them when they come up and/or go on vacation to NYC when you want some excitement. Thanks for sharing your vacation.


what a lovely trip.
when we moved to portland, i was afraid that the city would be too small after so many years in nyc, but it hasn't felt that way in actuality at all. it just feels cozy and familiar - and still lots of new discoveries.


Thank you for all your memories and pictures. Iceland looks like a lovely place to visit.

Beth S.

Ooh, I really like that last shot. Looks like the mountain is right there! :-)

Such a beautiful place. I hope you get to return.


I actually liked the graffiti in Reykjavík. Some are really pretty. I think good graffiti gives a city character.

If you´d like to see what you missed outside of Reykjavík, you should rent the Sigur Rós DVD Heima. There is some beautiful camera work (plus the music is fun).

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time. Hope you get to go back soon.


in manhattan, downtown does mean south, so it's not so wacky! i had the pleasure, many years ago, of visiting iceland and norway and they are enchanting! there is a magic surrounding them that leaves me wistful in the midst of my rough and tumble and beloved big apple. thanks for writing about you trip there, and posting your pictures. i've been happily feasting on them.

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