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11 September 2008


Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

I agree that 22cm seems short, even if it's from the underarm. Your extra 5cm is likely enough though. Wish I could help on the yoke planning, but I'm just not qualified. Good for you overcoming your sleeve-phobia. They look fantastic!


I popped over to look at the pattern for the brown sweater and I think it may be difficult to adjust the decreases since you've got that lace section at the very top. Not impossible, but difficult. Maybe more decreases in the first decreasing round (which I'm assuming is before the lace section begins)? Or an extra decrease round?

Or you could always bring back the 80s shoulder pad phenomena.


Oh, I can SO relate to this issue, as I rip my seed stitch sweater out for the second time! Hope yours works out.


That's exactly my concern regarding the Turbulence u-neck pullover I'm making, as I am knitting it in the round using EPS, but Norah Gaughan's pattern calls for different proportions between sleeves and body stitches. Still I want to wear it by october, so I'm plodding on.


No you aren't delusional but if you look at the pattern the yoke kind of "drops" down the arm so the actual knitted sleeve at 22cm will probably drop below the elbow. If you want 'em longer, that is the beauty of knitting, you can do whatever the hell you want!! :)
I do L.O.V.E. that sweater and plan to add it to my queue very soon!


Yokes are a good thing to be afraid. As a self designer knitter and the daughter of a blind following knitter (necks were high in the 60s and 70s, and it is not true that all top down raglans fit well. Not true at all.) yokes are more complicated than people think. And if they fit wrong they are evil - a too low one chills the wearer, defeating the purpose of the sweater, and too high ones are uncomfortable. As far as sleeve lengths go, I do all mine top down because they are so much easier to adjust. Good luck. You will solve this as you have so many other knitting problems.


This is a beautiful sweater so far! Congratulations for getting past the sleeves phobia!

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