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21 September 2008


Tsarina of Tsocks

Many good thoughts.

Just let us know if besides that there's anything useful we can actually DO. Like, locally, even.


I am thinking of your g'ma and sending her good, healing thoughts!

Coincidentally, also on Friday night, my MiL fell and we got the call that she had broken her hip -- we rushed to the hospital and spent a few hours there (it turned out that she did not fracture anything but they really thought she did). No fun.


Will send up prayers for both your grandmother and you...oftentimes it's the family of the ill/injured who need the most prayers at times like this. Please keep us posted on how all of you are doing.


Cassie, I'm glad you DID blog about it. Both you and your grandma will be in my prayers.

Pierre L

As an atheist, I can't offer prayers but good thoughts towards your grandma and hugs for you are available. Very sorry to read that.


You are both in my thoughts.


Poor grandma! I hope she has a speedy recovery. Good luck to her and to you.

Eleanor (undeadgoat)

It's funny, because--well, I don't know if you're the same age as my mother, but I know for a fact I'm the same age as your daughter. And, well--in my family, it's *my* grandma who we're worried about, *my* grandma who is the only one left to fall. Do you have any idea how lucky you are?

Caroline M

I'm sorry for all involved and I'll be thinking of you. I think this is an appropriate time for garter stitch on big needles.


Positive thoughts coming your way, Cassie. Take care.


Good thoughts and wishes from me, too.

Susie B

I'm so sorry to hear that, Cassie. My family's thoughts and prayers go to you and your grandma.


Lots of good, positive thoughts sent across the pond to you and your grandmother. I hope she heals well and quickly, and that you keep your stress levels down.



I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's fall. I'm thinking good thoughts for her uneventful and fast recovery.


My thoughts are with you. I know you are very close to your grandmother. Hugs.


Dear Cassie, I am sending as many and as strong good thoughts as possible for your grandmother and yourself.


Lots and lots and lots of good strong thoughts headed her way (and yours). xoxo


Praying like a sumbitch.


Sending good healing thoughts....

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

Prayers we got, and plenty to spare. Healing and peace for you both!


sending all healing juju to your grandma.


You and your grandma are in my thoughts and prayers. Please tell Grandma we're all pulling for her.


Best wishes!


Good thoughts headed your way. Be well.


Oh darling, sending you both healing thoughts and prayers.

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