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30 September 2008



So glad your grandmother's doing better!

I agree - sock yarns either have very generous or very skimpy yardage. Since you know they'll fit your foot, you should keep them for yourself.

Tsarina of Tsocks

Hmmmm. You do look vaguely familiar. I have the feeling I've seen you somewhere before. Can't... quite... place... it, though.

Srsly, so glad your grandma is better. And the lace? Lovely, not that I expect any less.


Yeah, I think that yarn is telling you it wants to be your sock.


I was the very loud thud next to you ! It's been a funny old year really, for blogging and life. I find that if I'm too stressed I go in on myself. Not so good for the blogging.
Happy to read that your grandmother is doing better.
Beautiful knitting, as always. Love the Stork Lace Scarf. I have a cashmere one of those that needs finishing...

So nice to see you back. :0)


Always lovely to see your posts, but you do know this isn't compulsory?

I am totally there with you on the sock yarn thang. Grrr.

The scarves are wonderful. Acorn-ish knitting. Squirrel will soon be prepared for winter!


the stork lace is beautiful. cannot believe you stalled on that. bu now it's done.
pleeze to name sock yarn manufacturer so that we may avoid them? the nerve.


Your scarves are beautiful! I'm glad to hear that you are able to spend time with your grandmother. About your sock dilemma, that's why I always knit both socks at the same time, and do them toe-up. I can alter as needed not to run out of yarn.

Misty the Kneedler

It's good to hear from you, but we certainly understand if you can't blog for a while. I'm glad to hear your grandmother is better, too.


glad to hear your grandmother is doing better.
your handspun scarf is lovely!


Thank goodness your grandmother is better. Sending good wishes to you both.

Lee Ann

Well, hiya, sweetpea! Ninja hugs all around!

Very nice to see you. (Yes, seeing wool counts as seeing you. Sort of. Okay, maybe only in my universe.)


I'm glad you're back on the blog with good news, and I would have been surprised had you actually been able to post earlier -you were needed in real life more than in blogland. Your comfort knitting is beautiful, and a comfort to see too.


What yarn is that where you are worried about knitting a tiny size 7 sock?

And, good to see you.


re. the sock: no it is not too much to ask. But this is why some of us knit from the toe up.

And I think maybe I gave you that yarn. I'm glad you are enjoying it. The thing with Barb is that she uses local fibre and it is mostly sheep and alpacas. Maybe she needs to find some northern Alberta bunny farmers though.


Panda Cotton is another one that runs short - I learned that the hard way.....And then the LYS owner told me I knit my socks too long.....they lost my business, too.


That's good news on your grandmother.

The new scarf is lovely. Someone will love getting it for a gift.

Good luck on the socks. I also think that manufacturers should include enough yarn to make a pair of socks. My feet are about your size, and I had to buy an extra skein of a certain brand to finish my second sock. And the tops were not overly long either. What to do with all that leftover that is not enough to make a pair of socks! Maybe I'll start making little squares for a lightweight blanket!


The scarf is lovely especially out of the handspun. I love the muted colors. Now I will dig through my magazine stash to see if I have that issue, and dig through my fiber stash for spinning inspiration. What size needles did you use?


2 skeins and still not enough. interesting. This reminds me... your coming to Rhinebeck aren't you? Find the booth and me in it because I have something for you I've been holding since I got back from Mass. festival this past spring. I believe I have a skein of yarn you might like... and I promise there's enough in the single skein for both feet.
Glad your grandmother is doing better and I'm insanely jealous of the scarf, it is beautiful.

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