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02 September 2008



I think you've just gone and blown any hope I have at productivity this afternoon. I can't believe how many patterns there are to browse through on the DROPS site. I mean, really......

I have to catch my breath here. Whoo.


Yeah, while Jackie browses the DROPS site, I'm off to buy yarn to make this. I love it. And I aDORE my DROPS swing jacket, so I trust the pattern. Thanks for linking.

Ruth Martin

Thanks so much for the link to the Norwegian purl stitch instructions! I've been wanting to learn it and it isn't in any of my (many) knitting reference books.

Caroline M

I learned to purl that way once but I think that brain cell subsequently died.

Tsarina of Tsocks

I heart you for "an humble." It doesn't take much to make me happy.

And the jacket is looking lovely.

(I've never taken to Norwegian purling, somehow, but then again I don't much mind purling in the weird bastardized continental way I do it - good thing, too, considering how much of it I have to look forward to on The Tsweater. There's that Peruvian method I've been meaning to try, where you safety-pin the yarn to your chest or something - ow - but somehow when the moment comes I just keep falling back on Old Reliable.)


Are there actually more than one way to knit(or in this case:purl)??? LOL!!!
I had to try to figure out what I've been doing all my life! (and it turned out to be a mix between Norwegian and Continental- yarn in front, but NOT using my index finger!)
And yes, there are lots of nice patterns at drops.
Great red sweater for your daughter, btw!
Take care.


ouf! This kind of method may not enter my brain... :-)


Yes. There's nothing like a good, honest yarn, a working yarn. It's just so ... cozy.


Please, then, knit faster!


Oh, it's a scoop. I've done that when re-knitting ripped sections and too lazy to turn the work. Hmmm.

So, how many WIPs do you have now??? I just finished Zetor this morning, have to work the two ends in and wash and block. In limbo pondering what to make next. Guess I should go read my Ravelry queue...?


I love good honest wools - they have never let me down (unlike some of their flashier cousins).


I love this too -- another addition to the TBK list...


Huge expanses of moss stitch always make me feel virtuous, as if I've completed some sort of holy penance.

Judy G.

I've been eyeing up that same pattern. I'll be watching for your progress.

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