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04 September 2008


Tsarina of Tsockst

[Insert obligatory pedantic comment about the technical difference between moss stitch and seed stitch.]

OK, so not the most exciting knitting experience ever. But it *looks* purty, and it's gotta be sort of soothing to do. No? OK, don't answer that. More a Beware-What-You-Ask-For thing.

I still say it'll be worth it when it's dong. Your new mantra: "Pro-duct Knit-ter."

Tsarina of Tsocks

Eeek. The 'g' key is not that close to the 'e' key, so let's not go into the Freudian implications of that particular typo, OK? My apologies for littering your blog with it.


I'm on my second go-around with a totally seed stitch sweater/jacket (the first having to get frogged totally because of a little gauge/size issue, ahem) and can say that moss/seed stitch is one of the many times I find myself really glad I knit English, the "lever action" version, not the "throw" version. The difference between the knit stitch and the purl stitch for me is a tiny movement of my right index finger. I've been knitting since 10 am today (I'm determined to finish this bloody thing this weekend!) and plan to go another four or five hours. No pain, no strain....but I'm bored to tears! Love the glacier!


I like the look of moss stitch and, like Marcia, I knit lever action English and don't have any issues with switching between knit and purl. Finally, an advantage to knitting English!

Lynn in Tucson

Slog-fest though it may be, it's going to be LOVELY when it's done!


You have more fortitude than I do. The pima tencel yarn I have been wrestling with lately looks best in a seed/moss stitch (there's a difference?!?), but I just finished the knittng portion of a double moss stitch sweater and need something different. But I do love that pebbly texture.

Misty the Kneedler

IIt loks great, and I would have to say that appearance-wise, seed or moss stitch is one of my very favourites. And after making the Hex Coat from Knitting Nature I think I can rightfully consider myself an expert at knitting it ;-)


My mother, alive and kicking at 87 but not knitting anymore, used to love to knit moss stitch. In fact I believe she once knit an entire suit out of it on size two's. There must be kind of zen thing to it. She did knit English, so maybe that helps. It looks great and I wish I could make myself like it - I use it as a border on cardigans because it's the same gauge (basically; there is a slight difference in the rows but not the stitches) as stocking stitch.

Your sweater looks great and will be nice to wear. Persevere.

Love them glaciers, keep those pictures coming!


Ah, but you should write it down while it's still all fresh in your mind!

air jordans

Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.


Forget the cardigan. Make it a skirt.

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