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22 September 2008



That is good to hear :) Your grandma is still is my thoughts, and I hope you continue to get good news.


That's great news. Thanks for taking a moment to tell us.


I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I remember you talking fondly about her in the quilt classes. I wish her a speedy recovery.


i'll be thinking of you both ...

Tsarina of Tsocks

Glad to hear it!

I really wish somebody would write the Chicken Soup Plug-In, already.


I've been out of the loop lately and am just catching up. Thinking of you and sending many good thoughts your grandmother's way.


So sorry to hear about your grandmother's accident. Sending best healing wishes to her, and fortitude and good spirits to you to pass on to her, as I'm sure you do with every visit!


Cassie, so sorry to hear of your grandmother's fall and injury. I will pray for swift healing and freedom from pain, as well as return to mobility - and strength for you and all who take care of her!


That's great! Sending good thoughts your grandma's (and your) way.


You keep strong.
How wonderful for your grandmother that you are there for her, and love her so much. Wishing her all the best.


p.s. You're strapped for time. Don't feel you have to respond. I won't be offended !



Get well soon, TMW Grandma!


Glad to hear good news. You and your family are in my thoughts.




More positive energy coming your way ---
after all, better isn't fully mended.


Glad to hear she is doing better. You and your family will still be in my thoughts and prayers.


Just getting caught up on blog reading. I'm glad to hear that your grandmother is doing better.

Beth S.

Gah, what a dreadful situation... :-( I'm glad she has you in her corner, though. Hope she heals quickly and without too much difficulty.


Sending your Grandma warm, healing thoughts and a gentle hug. Glad to hear that she is a bit better.


Glad you found the time to tell us the good news. I am still sending good thoughts for your grandma and yourself – take care.


Glad things are a little better. Thinking of you and your grandma.

Lee Ann

Sending knitting-bones-together vibes. Also, a hug.

Misty the Kneedler

Cassie - I haven't been keeping up on my blog reading for a few days so I'm a little behind on sending my good thoughts, but they are no less heartfelt for being late. I hope your grandmother is doing better, and that you are too! Hugs to you both.

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