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22 October 2007



I'm glad you had fun. Especially glad you pulled Sigga into the fold. Pictures of your new spindles, please. :) Well, and the wool, of course.


Wow, sounds wonderful. Sigh. Someday I'll get there!


Great times. Wish I was there, but I still don't want to learn how to spin! he he


I'm glad we bumped into each other, even if it was only for a moment. The cardigan looked terrific.


Great to see you, albeit briefly, in the Foxfire booth. I can't imagine a better place to meet!


Good to see you as always :-)


Can you believe we didn't bump into each other once?? How did that happen?


Another enabled spindler. The beat goes on.


I was sad that I didn't see you.

Lee Ann

I was also very sad that I didn't see you.

I bought a Forrester too. Odd how we both did that last year AND this year...Which one did you get? I got the one with the eerie pine trees and birds. They're not supposed to be eerie, but they are. :-)

Also got a Tabachek plying spindle. I bought no fibre. See??? You should have found me and smacked me upside the head for that at the very least.


The weather was perfect, wasn't it? Maybe a little on the warm side, but no complaints here. Hope to see you soon.


It was so good to see you. I didn't think you were rude. Not even a little bit.


Awesome! One of these years...


Dang. I want to live up there and go to Rhinebeck. (I've been vicariously visiting through all the blogs....) The show I was at this past weekend was it's own brand of Mecca, but I would have rather been in NY. HUGS


It was good to see you at the festival. I didn't notice the disappearing, but then again I had serious shopping to do myself. Nice work getting Sigga into the fold!


WHERE are the cardigan pictures? :o)

Beth S.

The Spindicate claims another victim! :-) Good work! :-)

It was so lovely to see you again, and meet Sigga, and just generally frolic among the fleeces. :-) But I still haven't entirely recovered... I have that hit-by-a-truck feeling. (Of course I did just travel halfway around the world, but I think I'd be having post-festival exhaustion anyway.)

Rachel H

My shopping this year was mainly directed by my 6 year old companion. So I came home with several rocks, and some needle felting kits to turn into a variety of critters for him. No yarn, no roving, no spindles. Ah well. It was still fun and I'm glad I got to see you, however briefly.


Great enabling! Though disappointed and sad that I never saw you. Oh well.....


I'm sad not have seen you guys this weekend! I even feared you'd had a change of plans and missed the show. Good you know you wreaked a bit of havoc.

Cindy D

Great to see you and meet Sigga Sif. Here are some links to spindle pictures:




I was just glad to see you for the brief snippets of time that I did!

And please to post a picture of said Ledbetter spindle...I bought one spindle this year, and it was from Dave. It makes me happy. :)

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