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09 October 2007


Caroline M

I've been trying to decide how big a border I'd want on a cardigan and I think the answer is there right in front of me. Callie looks lovely and I can't believe that a bit of casting off is stopping between you and having it finished by the time the clasp lands (I might even copy that idea too).

We have no postal service at the moment and I can't begin to tell you how much that impacts on being able to buy just the right thing.


Your blog has a split-personality today! :-)


Love the fit of Callie despite the torturous bind off. And the top down? Cute- is it Lopi or Beaverslide? Looks like you'll have 2 Rhinebeck sweaters.

Marcia Cooke

I am now a total convert, thanks to Lucy Neatby, to casting off with a crochet hook. Faster, less torture, and a very pretty edge. Love the distraction, too....what is it?


I couldn't agree more about the odd juxtaposition of changing light and warm temperatures. My spirit is confused.


Mail going out today.


Callie looks great! Bind that sucker off! And your new sweater looks awesome too - bulky wool is such a quick knit, isn't it? I've been queueing cabled sweaters on Ravelry as fast as I can find them.


Callie looks lovely.
I'm looking so forward to seeing you at Rhinebeck and hopefully spending some hang out time. Do we really have to travel hours north to see each other? That's gotta change.


ooh - love the big cables. i've been on a cable jag lately but i can't find time to sit down and swatch out what i want. it's probably for the best, given the 80 degree weather....


Very very nice! Hooray for no buttons!


I think the idea of the clasp is great and the cardigan looks really good on you. Good luck with the bind-off!


Go Cassie go! I like the no-button look, I just might try it for my next Callie:)


what is this little lovely? Hmm, it's looking good too. One sleeve at a time, you too can be finished with it in time for Rhinebeck, no doubt.


Oh, thou inconstant knitter!


I love it when you do stealth knitting !


Callie looks great! And that grey cabled thing? I want one of those!!!


They both look gorgeous!


Love the Callie - what a pretty color for you. And the big green cables are fabulous!


both look like perfect fits! congrats!

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