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16 October 2007



I have no views on the spinning question, Cassie, I'm just here to wish you a happy Three-Year Blogiversary. And many happy returns!! :)


I have wanted to try spinning for a while now and well i learned today at Rhinebeck, bought a handspinner (not a drop one, it is based on a Inca hand spinner) roving and I am now hooked. My Hubby is looking up spinning wheels - maybe christmas? I am so going to need more room for stash = )


I'd love to learn to spin, but for all of my adult life I've sewn and knit clothes, and my stash for both yarn and fabric fills an entire room (ok, a small room). And so for decades, I've imposed a "no new hobbies" rule my free time. I'm awed by the hand-spun yarn I see, but until I work my stash down to manageable proportions, I'll have to rely on those at fairs like Rhinebeck to do my spinning for me.

denny mcmillan

when I teach people how to knit, I brag.... I can teach anyone how to knit. anyone. bring em on. My all time recored is 200 people in a 3 day weekend.(and it wasn't even a fiber event. I was hired for some kind of Danish event in Toronto a few years back.)

What I can't do is make people like knitting, or love knitting. If only I could meet Abby's dude who lives in the desert. Maybe he has a magic tea to make everyone fall in love with handwork.Loving Hands tea it is called. I'm brewing up this afternoon, after I skirt a few bags of alpaca.The fleeces came with the names of the animals on them. Don't you love that.


You're preaching to the choir here. I held out for almost two years of knitting before buying a spindle. My spinning wheel should be arriving any day now. And I can't stop!


Abby made me come by to read your post :).

Perhaps not everyone should spin. Some are resistant, for some there is no poetry in it. Spinning is the most integrating, gratifying and wondrous of things that I do, and my life would be the less without it.

Spinning, in part, has made me who I am today. I cannot imagine life without it.

But I say those things about my children too, and I don't think everyone should have children.


OY! You sound like an overzealous iconographer! Careful there...

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