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01 June 2007



Red! And shiny. Purty. :D


I am SO with you on the repetitive stress and the inelastic yarns and that want-it-finished feeling. Last winter I thought I might have to give up knitting altogether, after a mitten marathon and one and a half cotton baby bibs. The lesson I learned (aside from moderation, which is HARD) is that I can use not-wool, and I can use metal needles, but combining the two is asking for trouble.

Pretty, pretty knitting -- I like that Lotus Blossom, I just haven't gotten to it yet. :)

Beth S.

I hear you on the hand pain. Right now I'm trying to teach myself not to hold my spinning fiber in a death-grip. And not to do that "hook" thing with my fiber hand when I'm spindling.

So I went to the Icelandic-English dictionary you link to in your sidebar and had a giggle over "loksins". I had figured it must be Icelandic for "sock", but I was wrong! ;-)


Bamboo is a great summer yarn. Feels so soft.


Very pretty! Very cool and comfortable for summer.

Susan P

Love the tank! Beautiful lace work.

Be careful with your hands, but don't let it keep you from knitting. I managed to knit myself through two splints (Dr. asked, "What are you doing to these things?") and two carpal tunnel operations. Happy to report I'm still knitting strong.



The Lotus Blossom tank is looking good. I'm glad that you are taking it easy with that yarn. You should be done with it rather quickly, now that you're done with the lace portion of it. Most people that knitted that last summer, had to lengthen the lace section or increase the stockinette section. You may want to check the KAL for it. A quick google search will net you the url for it.


p.s. I read Beth's comment and had to see what loksins meant and that cracked me up!


Looks very pretty, oui!

Susan P

Hey Cassie! Guess whose husband is taking her shopping tonight for a camera? WOOHOO!!!

You've inspired me. I have some Handmaiden Flaxen that I wasn't sure what to do with. So I have cast on for lotus. Will let you know how it goes. Maybe I'll even have pictures. Ya think?


I've got some hemp yarn that I'd like to use, but I have real hand concerns about that.

Wool is just the perfect fiber.

Barb Outside Boston

Loksins = giggle!
I found out the hard way that I have to really space out my quilting--it screws up my hands AND my elbows :-0


That's so pretty. Thank goodness there are no sleeves.


Don't give up! It's coming along beautiful.

(The lace looks a little long, but I think it will be fine. Can I also suggest adding about an inch to the area between the lace and binding off for the armpits? Otherwise, your bra might show. Go ahead, ask me how I know. ;))


I was looking at that tank just this weekend, I, too, would add more length to the lace section, it is looking good. Love the color.

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