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30 May 2007



beautiful socks!

Rachel H

Dude. Great Job.


I like them very much - they remind me of Nancy Bush socks, and that's a very good thing!




Absolutely stunning. Yours will be the first on-line pattern I've ever bought!


It looks like a fun (and beautiful) pattern. I look forward to knitting a pair.


Gorgeous! I gotta have it!


Oh my gosh, I was planning to make "fools rush" for my Sockapalooza pal but now how am I supposed to decide? I might have to make this one for myself. Beautiful pattern Cassie. :)


I have just come across your site and have absolutely fell in love with this design and immediately purchased it. Now I just have to wait till I get home to decide which yarn to use. Beautful work, I'll send you pics when they're done, thanks!!


Those are lovely socks. I need to get the pattern.

Helga Hauksdottir

Beautiful sock pattern with an Icelandic name.
Of course I had to have it!!!!!

Barbara McCall

I just bought your beautiful pattern! As I have a large foot (women's size 10 1/2), I am really pleased that your pattern is easy to adjust for larger sizes. Thank you!


Gorgeous! Another skein from my stash has found its calling!

Rachel F

I wanted to tell you that the sock looks so beautiful, it looks balanced somehow, just perfect. And I'm sure the second is as well :)




Thanks for the pattern Cassie! You've given me hope that my designs will turn out as well.


Love that pattern I am going to try it next


The pattern is beautiful! I've been having fun with it and am starting it again tonight. :)


Great pattern! I'm starting right now! Thank you!


This is really very, very pretty. What does Loksins mean?
I do hope, you soon sell an other one!


Just wondering - what foot width (measured at the ball of the foot) is this supposed to fit? I just bought the pattern, and it doesn't say.

Thanks! It's gorgeous.

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