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29 May 2007



I bet it'll be just fine. I love the color -- it really looks like a wearable summer top.


Great summer color, nice pattern. How did I miss that one?


Everyone has those kinds of problems. The rule is, if you knit it and it doesn't fit you, it must be a gift for someone else. The only problem with that rule is when you love it so much and want it for yourself so bad, you can't bear the thought of giving it away.

Good luck!


The tank will be lovely. Keeping a good thought for your dear grandma.


Pretty! I just got the yarn for that, and when I finish something, it is due to jump onto the needles...


Brava on your finishing spree! And, extra good thoughts being sent your way for grandma.

That Laurie

Just lovely. Consider me your cheering section. It will make a great top. Your only problem will be keeping your daughter from co-opting it!

martha in mobile

You've inspired me to pick up my own long-abandoned Lotus tank. Best wishes to your grandmother!


I made that one last summer and thought mine was too small but it blocked out fine. The bamboo stretches out just like siklk.


Sending good thoughts to you and your grandmother. Hang in there.


Good thoughts going to Grandma...
We missed you this weekend, but of course, understand completely. You certainly got a lot more accomplished than I. ;)


I thought bloglines was bad, but ravelry eats up a lot of my online time. I'm addicted. I always meant to cast on a lotus top, and never did.


Get well, Grandma! (Oh, and nice red! I remember that one - glad you've resurrected it.)

Barb Outside Boston

You know, I've only been reading your blog for about a year, but I can't remember you making a fitted top for yourself--looking forward to seeing that (very nice pattern).
Here's knitting juju for grandma!


I get compliments all the time when I wear mine in public- which took a huge dose of bravery on my part the first time.

It's a great style and the lace hides some of my bumps and lumps.

Can't wait to see yours finished!

Beth S.

Lotus Blossom's coming along nicely! I'm glad you picked her up again. Red lace makes great eye candy. :-)

I can wait for the sock pattern... however long it takes for it to be Right. :-)

Hope your poor grandmother rallies. Good thoughts coming right up!


Definitely sending good vibes to grandma. You've had a lot of progress on UFOs this past weekend, good for you! Lotus Blossom tank is one of those patterns that I liked and them wasn't sure about. I look forward to seeing your finished version.


I love the way lotus is looking! I love the color as well.


Hey - since you're into UFOs, have you seen this Roswell video?
www.flownetworkproductions.com/evidenceofaliens.htm I thought it was fake until I watched Part 2. What do you think?


That is a great color! (Just a side note: I don't know how you feel about shirt length, but I had to add an extra lace repeat to the bottom or it wouldn't have been wearable. I don't remember how close I was to gauge.)

LOVE the new socks, by the way!

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