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30 March 2007


Sigga Sif

You dirty, dirty woman! ;-)

cathy goldman

School Products! That Berta will drive me to Poverty yet!




I think the sound I made when I looked at that picture was something like "unh...". Translated, I think it means "Want it. Now."


Should those pictures be allowed on the internet? They might get me all hot and bothered when Im at work...


That is telling it like it is.

Beth S.

You're a lace knitter armed with 1) an excellent pattern by a gifted designer, and 2) some utterly decadent yarn. The rest is chemistry, pure and simple. A chain reaction. The elements combine to produce a lace shawl and a feeling of indescribable euphoria. Maybe alchemy is a better description of the process than chemistry?

Anyway, you're being true to yourself, and isn't it wonderful? :-)

Barb Outside Boston

OK, I think I need to do some lace, too. Especially since soccer season is starting, and simple lace is nice and compact to carry around.
Thanks! I'll go order some yarn for Icarus right now!

Lee Ann

You don't knit lace sort of like I don't like chocolate.


WOW, that is pretty and looks easy, must look at old shale shawl pattern.


Whew! I think i need to splash cold water on my face.


I can imagine how soft that is. Those School Products people will do it to you every time.


Ohhh that sounds fantastic! I need a project like that!


That's how I feel when I knit lace too. If it's a good pattern and nice yarn, it clicks and you just can't stop it. It's amazing how incredibly addictive it is to me. I've been feeling like I needed a good lace project on the needles for a few months. I just started a project 2 weeks ago, but I only have limited time to pick it up. When I do, I stay up hours knitting on it, when I should be sleeping.


Oh yes, can't think of a better word to describe it. :) Love, love that yarn...


Must. Get. Some!


I'm really glad I didn't have diet coke in my mouth just then, I'm just saying....

*fans self*

I think I need to cast on for my Icarus real.soon.now.

Janice in GA

Yarngasm. That's the word you want. :)


I'm still stuck on the bitter about not owning that yarn.


Ha ha! I'm doing some blog catching up, and I have to tell you- I need some yarn sex too! I think this changes my plans for what's next on the needles. Thanks! :)

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