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19 March 2007



I'm a big fan of the picot edge myself, ribbing is boring. The edge on the feather & fan sock is nice, too.


I like a folded hem, with a row of yo k2tog at the turning row. I put ribbing on the inside to keep the socks up.

Sigga Sif

That's a cool looking cuff! My default has become twisted stitch ribbing, I very much dislike normal ribbing (including 2x2). The twisted version looks more even, I think. But true, I usually don't manage more than an inch before I get sick and my hands complain. I look forward to trying this one out.

Beth S.

Well, you already know what I'm going to say, so I'll save some breath. ;-)

Barb Outside Boston

I'm no help on the edging--I just follow whatever pattern I'm using, but I forgot you had made that beautiful Turbulence pullover. I'm making the Ogee Tunic right now and it's reminding me that despite her lack of waist shaping on ANYTHING and fit/sizing issues in general, I think Norah Gaughan is brilliant and one of the most interesting designers around right now!


I don't really dislike ribbing on socks, I just dislike purling....My default is becoming rib for an inch or so and then broken rib, k round 1 and then k2p2 on round 2 and repeat, thank you Charlene Schurch...


I don't mind ribbing on socks, though I agree about the sweater flashbacks. But I'd try your lace alternative if it wasn't a 5 stitch repeat. I don't knit many socks on a multiple of 5 stitches. 64 is kind of my basic. And I go up or down in 8s, I guess. So a 4 stitch repeat would be really handy.

I like the 1x1 ribbing better if I modify my cable cast-on so that it looks like the ribbing just runs right over the edge. You alternate the direction you insert the needle as you cast-on. the easiest way to remember is to insert it on the side the yarn is coming out.


I'm not much on ribbing either, especially twisted rib. The Elfine's Socks pattern has just four rows of garter stitch at the top of the sock, which doesn't have a lot of elasticity but has a nice clean look on top of the elaborate lace pattern, and I've used that in a few other patterns as well.


Like you, I dislike ribbing on most things, including sweaters and socks. I use the infamous "picot edge" on most of my socks now unless they are for a male member of the family otherwise I just knit a plain hem, (like the picot without the "pic"...
I have used seed stitch or something other than ribbing just to sooth the rib hating beast and that includes the plain turned hem with perhaps a contrasting or complementary colour on the turned side.


As an alternate to the lace ribbing, I like a cabled rib. It starts as K2 P2, but on every 4th row you K2tog and leave the stitches on the needle, then knit into the front stitch and slip both off the needle.

Also, I forget where I saw it, but someone didn't bother with any type of edge treatment and just let the tops of her socks roll. It was cute!


I actually don't mind ribbing. I do like it. I've used it on many patterns and especially socks. I've found that I don't like 2x2 ribbing on my socks as it's not as stretchy, but found after using a sweater pattern that called for twisted ribbing and I like it much better on my socks. I don't like regular 1x1 rib, but really like twisted rib for some reason. I get bored pretty quickly with doing it, but I do like the look of it on the tops of my socks. I know that's not really much help at all.


I like what ribbing does: hold the sock up. I do about 12 rows before I want to shoot myself, and then stop. The garter edge in F&F is okay but I don't find it inspiring or as functional as ribbing. Picot's rolling is not my cupatea. I was thinking more of twisted rib stuff. This all sheds no new light, I know.

Cindy D

Here's a neat edge with or without the beads:

This edge is cute as well...............

This garter st edge is fun:

astly Lucy Neatby has a neat sideways garter stitch edge I want to try myself.

Cindy D

Here's a neat edge with or without the beads:

This edge is cute as well...............

This garter st edge is fun:

astly Lucy Neatby has a neat sideways garter stitch edge I want to try myself.


I just finished a pair of toe-up socks (after a ridiculously long time) on which the entire leg was in single eyelet rib (multiple of 5 sts, 8-row repeat: k3p2 on most rows; row 4 k1, yo, k2tog, p2; row 8 ssk, yo, k1, p2). This is obviously still ribbing, however. (It knits up somewhat similar to your lace ribbing.)

You don't say whether you dislike knitting ribbing or the way it looks/feels. If you want something more frilly and not-so-close, a picot bindoff would do the trick. Knitty has one here: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall06/FEATfall06TT.html
I did this on my newly-done socks and it curled outward.


I do a lot of k2p2 shanks and foot tops for guys with large curvaceous feet because they cling well. Not my favorite look, but very comfortable and practical.

My mom likes Claudia's picot top because it stays up without binding.

For my own socks I usually do a staggered BW baby cable rib, either k2p2 or k2p1, with crosses every fourth round, alternating in the ribs so odd ribs cross on r1 and even ribs cross on r3. It's fast, pretty, and fits well. I do the same sometimes for my dad, but with crosses every 8 or 12 rounds (the gray socks in my blog gallery).

I knit one pair of socks with the baby cable ribbing all the way down the top of the sock to the toe, decreasing the purl ditches and then gradually swallowing stitches between the ribs to make a really neat toe. Knit them in the old Socka cotton-wool and they SHRANK, so I gave them to Mom.


I am a one trick pony, but its a good trick. Learned that trick from Silvia, actually.


Ribbing is nasty. I try to avoid it avoid it as much as possible. I like a picot edging for myself.


Being a newbie sock knitter ( 3 pairs) I ought not render an opinion- all I've ever done is ribbing 2x2- and bail at 2 inches of it. The current sock I ribbed for 11 rows one half inch short. Having large feet I figured ribbing would be easier to get on my feet. Clearly I need to get out more and try different cuffs :-) The picot edge is pretty as is your lace cuff. BTW- you ARE an ESK machine! Awesome job. Mine arrived today and as expected is beautiful! I'll have a hard time parting with this one.


I actually like ribbing, but I realize I am in a minority on that one. I also like doing the long-tailed cast on with the yarn doubled (very pretty and stretchy) followed by a round of knit then a round of purl. It's a very brief edge when I just want to get to the pattern.


i'm weird, i like ribbing of all sorts, including corrugated, and moss and seed stitch.


joVE, just decrease to a multiple of 5 on the first round of the cuff.

As for suggestions....I have none. :(


I'm with Laurie. I don't understand picot and don't mind ribbing and like its elastic properties, so I rib. Most of my socks have some kind of cable pattern, which I think just looks better with ribbing. I like that lace rib pattern a lot, made a scarf in it once, but never thought of using it on socks. Maybe on a lace socks? Hmm...


Of the socks I've made, the best tops are on the Friday Harbor socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. Of course, they have ribbing on the backs of the ankles, which helps hold them up, but I don't mind the ribbing there. I'm not crazy about the look of it at a sock-top either, although I appreciate its functionality.


My favorite sock top is based on the Fiber Trend pattern "Toe Jazz" which uses a C4F, P2. Check out my Koigu socks on my blog, husbands are ribbed mine are cable. There are a few others on my blog but you will have to go back to Oct 06 of Nov 06 and they are made with alpaca and silk.

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