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26 March 2007



What a wonderful quote from Kelly!
I'm drooling over your yarn purchases...especially the solar powered lace. The colors are luscious! (I find that I buy more yarn when shopping with other people...the biologist me want to attribute it to some sort of positive feedback loop. :) )

Rachel H

Those are really great quotes. As for the buying more than the out of town friends, hey, you're just taking an opportunity to support a local business with pride when the out of towners are around. Nuthin' wrong with that.

What's the yarn in the last photo? I'm quite drawn to the colour changes.


It sounds like a fabulous weekend and no one can blame you for the stash enhancement if they were accidents.
My husband has come with me a few times to see and hear Stephanie. He loves her humor and is a complete enabler when it comes to my crafting.

What is the yarn that you used to make your larger-than-zero sock?


That is a good man indeed.

Beth S.

That wool/silk sock yarn is bee-you-tee-ful. Lovely colors!


"I go to local yarn shops, with out of town friends in tow and ... I buy more than they do. Always." You are not alone there for sure. I suppose if you're spending the rent money then it's something to be scared of. Or if it really seems it is some sort of displacement/sublimation of emotions thingy it might be worth thinking over. Otherwise, so long as the hubby is ok with it - don't worry about it. I usually think of it this way - I'm making my friend feel better about the amount of her/his purchases. That's a useful social function, right?

I've got a don't ask/don't tell thing going on vis-a-vis stash with my hubby I think. I trained him early on when we went to England and came back with a suitcase (which I had to buy there) full of yarn at a time when he'd never even seen me knitting before then.

You got some lovely, lovely yarn on your outings. I'd never have been able to resist solar powered yarn either. Possibly that's not as comforting as it could be considering the two previous paragraphs in this comment. I've been reading but not commenting for a while now and thought I should come out of lurkdom to say how much I enjoy reading your blog even if I haven't anything really original to add to the comments.


Solar powered yarn? I must get some.

The DeDe

You should definitely try a skirt! I'd love to see what great modifications you would make on some of those patterns out there.

(I'm casting on for the Wine & Roses mitts... I was glad to see them on you in person to get an idea of sizing... they were so beautiful in that cashmere!)


My husband came to the represent event, too, and had almost as much fun as I did! He is a muggle of the highest order-never questions my yarn purchases, doesn't blink at the growing stash even as it threatens to take over the living room, loves his hadknit socks and looks forward to the sweater I have yet to make him(he's only been my husband for a few months; he knew about the dreaded sweater curse)---and best of all, since I don't own a swift, serves as yarnboy whenever I ask him to. What more could a knitter want from a spouse?


Oh, my dear! Said it before, will say it again: It was an unvarnished joy to meet you on Thursday, so much so that I will not scream like a banshee at how disheveled, unkempt and just plain monstro-squirrel-cheeked I was in the park on Thursday. (Kay looks right cute, though, even with a camera obscuring her face.) I will simply say thank you for being so charming and welcoming, and for being such an excellent hostess to our favorite Harlot. :)


Your memory is short. I don't think you have ever out-bought me in NYC. But then, why don't I just shut my mouth on this one??


It is perfectly logical you are able to enhance your stash more than out of town guests. You are not constrained by luggage, as they are. (I don't care if they drove in for a day trip, that is my theory, and I am sticking to it!)


Don't be embarrassed when you buy more than your guests. They would probably like to buy LOTS more. But it has to fit in their suitcase, which we can have less and less of as times become more and more paranoid.


A knitted skirt is just a tube. If you use elastic for the waist, it doesn't even need any increases or decreases. Go for it!


I desperately covet that Knitty City sock yarn.


Hey! It was good to see you at the Represent Tour in NYC! I didn't get a chance to ask at the time you found me as I was a bit overwhelmed that moment, but how DID your Beer Socks turn out?? I haven't yet seen pics of any in the darker Lager color out in the wild, so to speak...


Kayten Kraft

Yay! for Buckwheat Bridge Angoras' lovely solar produced yarns and rovings! I love their stuff. Their website is www.bwbagoats.com. Not only are their products great, but they are kind and generous people.


Those are seriously gorgeous accidents!

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