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25 March 2007


margaret in manhattan

Ott-Lite L18536 VisionSaver is the one you're looking for, right?

Beth S.

Hell, if I had an R2-D2 mailbox in my neighborhood I'd write a lot more letters. I like it! It's quirky.

So sorry about your Ott-Lite. :-( That sucks.


If it's just the lamp housing, sweetie, methinks I can fix it for you. I'm real good with tools and metal. :)


Ott RIP. I can't cast any light on this dilemma. I'll stick my neck out and say that I'm happy with my current plastic model.


Since I am still in the coveting stages of Ott-Lite ownership, I can only offer my sympathies. I hope you find a similar model!




I'm selling out all my rug hooking inventory and have a Ott-Lite Task Light for sale at discounted price. It sits on a table, folds up and has a handle for transport. Not sure if this style will suit your needs or not. Email me if you're interested.


I saw an R2 mailbox across the street from work on Friday and was both amused and confused.

I get a strange thrill and comfort in knowing that we're seeing the same things in different cities.


They don't have their DNS stuff set up correctly, so you have to add a www to the jedi link. Guess the USPS is starting to act like a modern business and utilize the web. Nothing fancy like that box here, though. I'll look in SF the next time I'm over there.

Good luck with the Ott. I use an old Luxo drafting lamp with a 100w incandescent because it's what I grew up with.


How about e-bay for a lamp like your old one? You can seem to find everything on e-bay.


Thanks for the Represent update and I MUST know the yarn and pattern for "sock started on Wednesday for larger-than-zero (2mm) knitting". Please tell!

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