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07 March 2007



Why not use this place to sell?:
I tried it, and it seems to work, and best of all, is free to try.

I hope the cold isn't crossing the Atlantic... it's raining here, and I prefer that to snow, thankyouverymuch.


Creativity isn't something you can produce on demand, you know. Or if it is, the way that happens when inspiration is hiding is by pursuing a discipline of making until your brain kick starts. Like, for example, testing patterns. So it sounds like you're on the right track.

I like the micro swatches. I like the chibi for scale even better.

Sigga Sif

Hey, you should go even smaller so that you can call them nanoswatches. Micro is totally out of fashion, nano is the buzz word of our times ;-).

A guy at work just celebrated having gotten a university position by giving us sparkling wine. It might have affected my ability to comment.


If you are just trying out lace patterns to see how they work and whether you like them, a friend of mine suggests using heavier cotton and knitting a dishcloth. The thicker yarn makes it easier to see what is happening and then you have something useful at the end (albeit rather fancy dishcloths). I agree that this is not swatching but but design notes.


Want me to try the pesky one, too? See if my dingbat brain can wiggle its way into the structure?

Your design notes are pretty -- they'd look good as a centerpiece, curled up in a clear glass bowl with their comrades.

I've always thought of those spans of time when I'm pouring stitch patterns into my brain and not getting anything out as a gestation period. There *is* an idea in there, but it has yet to take shape...


(Are those like microclimates?)


Nice orange ones.


Microswatch is a fun word.


Microswatches/swatching...must incorporate that into my daily vocabulary. :)


How are you finding interpretations of some of the stitch symbols?

Would love to see what you will do with the real thing once the microswatches are solved.


What Juno said. Trying to force an idea into existence isn't fun, and the end result is often a project that isn't fun either. At least that's what I've found. If you're enjoying the design notes, carry on making them; at some point an idea will spring forth all by itself. Probably when you least expect it -- carry a notebook!


A least they are microswatches as opposed to MACROswatches. Macroswatches take up way more time compared to microswatches, and are generally the result of bad gauge...er...um...design notes.

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