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28 March 2007



Too cute! I laughed and laughed! She probably "is" a Muggle....it happens in the best of families. My sympathies!


Too cute! I laughed and laughed! She probably "is" a Muggle....it happens in the best of families. My sympathies!


I'm smiling but I understand your feelings of failure, too. I have taught Hannah to knit so she knows how. But she doesn't like it. I am amazed that my own flesh and blood could turn away from knitting. I have also taught her to spin but again, she doesn't like it. Sigh. My only hope is that it's her youth talking and that with age will come wisdom and she will discover the wonders of wool.

Rachel H

Be strong, Cassie. It's not your fault. Things like this can happen to any knitter.

Caroline M

There's hope if she's not giving away the needles too. I had a twenty year knitting gap but it reclaimed me in the end (the size of the quilting stash means that I now have to do serious stash management with the yarn). I don't think that you're in any danger of going over to the fibreless zone and I doubt that boredom with knitting is catching (unless associated with 'flu symptoms in which case it really is 'flu). Have you thought about letting her pet the cashmere - if that doesn't bring about a reaction then I'm afraid that it is game over, at least for now.


A Muggle....hahahaha!!!!!!


Ooh she's worse than a muggle she's a squib! In case you're not the geek that I am that's a non-magical person born of a magical family.


My entire family is muggle. I feel your pain. I will spin tonight in her honor.


Clearly she wasn't doing it right. Has she considered therapy of some kind?

Beth S.

We don't all get the knitting gene. Sad, but true. Just be happy that you get her Noro!

I wanted to know what's that gorgeous pink thing around your neck in Stephanie's post today. I thought maybe Swallowtail, but the scarf/shawl in the picture looks pinker (and bigger) than I remember your Swallowtail being. Anyway, it's an awesome picture.


Well, at least the knitting gene didn't skip Bee.

Lee Ann

I feel for you. My mother did the same thing--said "it's relaxing, but I'm not sure it's for me." Of course, her stash consisted of acrylic yarn she had in the seventies and eyelash yarn she still has. I am still convinced that silk would sway her.

Sigh. You'll have to represent for the two of you.


My world is full of muggles..... but I learned to reach out and find some of us. I can say the word stash and they know that means yarn. I can say SSK and they don't look at me like I am speaking witchcraft. I still love my muggle friends.... but I realllllly love my yarn friends.


I was sad that my sisters knit only with acrylic. Until today- now that I know your sister has given up entirely. Courage, my friend.


Maybe she just needs to learn Continental?!? :-)


So sad. Sometimes I toy with the notion that I should give up knitting. It does take up a lot of time after all. Then when I think of really giving it up, getting rid of the stash and paraphenalia, it makes me yearn for a new, more challenging project. Your sister must really not be cut out for it. Maybe she's destined for something else and by clearing out her "house" she'll find it.


I've taught all the boys the how, at their age I have hope they will come back to it but suddenly yarn is coming at me from all sides from family members who've decided they won't knit again, most of it seems to be nice stuff from the eighties & has been added to the stash but suddenly I'm the only knitter. I feel your pain!


What's that corny saying about if you love someone, set them free, and if it's meant to be they'll come back to you. Something like that. There's a reason for everything. Just be glad the acyrlic has left your family. Who knows, if your sister had sense enough to buy Noro in the first place, I suspect she'll return to the fold someday.


She'll be back. They allll come back. (Really! I worked in an LYS, and you would not believe how often women would wander in and tell us "I haven't knit in X years," and be hooked right back in.)


Perhaps she's a squib. Or possibly a late bloomer??

Dr. Mimi

I would suggest donating that yarn to a homeless shelter or battered woman's shelter. There are quite a few folks who would be THRILLED to get yarn of any kind.

I started doing this in my little burg (Petaluma CA). Also I keep cheap yarn and inexpensive needles on hand for my Saturday knitting circle at the Aqus Cafe (www.aquscafe.com) in case a newbie comes wanting to start a project.

Freecyle is the bomb. One woman's trash may very well be another woman's treasure.


Dr. Mimi in Petaluma CA


When I told my grandmother that I wanted knitting lessons for Christmas years ago, she presented me with a big box of Ames' finest... Red Heart in a variety of colors. The knitting stuck with me, but I donated the rest of the Red Heart to the Jewish Fund for Children's knitting guild last year. It's in a much better place now! Maybe if you keep knitting her socks, she'll come around eventually?

Judy H.

Not a muggle but a squib. How sad. I will knit a few rows in her honor.

Seriously, don't let her get rid of her needles. If she really wants to, take them and store them for her. I've worked at yarn shops for a total of about four years, and during that time I sold yarn and needles to many, many people who came back into the fold after several years. To a person, those that dumped their tools regretted it.

All is not lost. She could very well come back to us. :)


Yeah I'm surrounded by muggles as well :-(. They though I was odd when I started KIPing odder when I started spindling and now I've bought a wheel well.....


Can you get her to sew? Needlepoint? Ehrmanntapestry.com has some great modern pieces...

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