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29 March 2007



I'll be buying one of those circular ESKs when you've got it ready to sell.


Great circ kits and that new crop of ESK's are super! Love the funny little men! May have to go out and try the new Addis.


I love your circular kit...great idea! You do such a nice job on your mitered edges.


How many sets of circs will the kit hold?


The new Addis ROCK! I picked up four sizes and I'm smiling!


I like your design. Here is a general question that has always stopped me from abandoning the little pouches that the circs come in: how do you know what size they are without the packaging? I know that theoretically there might be a tiny number or mm marking somewhere on the needle, but I can't see that. Do folks just use a needle gauge whenever they need to find a size? Do they label their needles another way? Inquiring minds want to know....


I like the design of the circular ESKs quite a bit. I'm having a grumpy morning, having lost a DPN on the subway, but reading blogs is definitely helping. It wouldn't have been quite so bad, but last night i was stuck on the PATH for over an hour behind a derailed train, and this morning i was stuck on a train because of signal problems, and I couldn't even knit properly. I'm definitely interested in a new ESK.


I love the circular needle kit! I can actually envision a world in which I am not digging around in a cardboard box, looking for the right circular. Add me to your waiting list.


I like fraternal socks!! These look great. I'm hearing lots of good things about the new Addi's Lace Needles.

Beth S.

That's a pretty nifty prototype. You're getting very good at this. :-)

The cashmere looks so fine compared to those needles! Or is it that the cashmere makes the needles look enormous? ;-)


ELK -- Emergency Lace Kit! Heck yes. I'll need at least one! Go Cassie Go!

Barb Outside Boston

I'm curious how you'll like the new Addis. I'm waiting for my LYS to get them in. Regular Addis are so HORRIBLE for lace, but these SOUND like they'd be perfect.
Really like the fraternal twins.


I like the circ kit. Pretty please, may I buy two that are fraternal twins or cousins? Shanti gave the lace needles a positive review, too. I need to check with my usual suppliers and get a set. Glad our letter campaign worked!

Judy H.

Can you put both circs *and* dnps in it? A pouch for a couple pairs of circs and a set of dnps would be great for just about any individual project! I'm thinking particularly of a sweater, esp. a stranded one where you use a few different needle sizes...

Judy H.

Err....'dpns', that is...


Cassie - I like the circular needle kit idea, and I LOVE my new addi lace needles. They aren't quit as slick as the regular addis, which I prefer, and the cable is wonderfully soft. I'm working on an Icarus shawl using a hand dyed silk noil yarn and the lace needles are great for all those yos and k2togs!

Rachel H

Definitely interested in the circular case. I really like the way you've designed the needle slots, instead of one big pouch to hold the whole thing.

Lysa with a Y

Love the circ kit! I'll take a few…please add me to the waiting list.

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