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21 March 2007



I am beyond jealous. Take your camera please, pretty please? And have fun! [Oh, and remember your ESK so you'll have a larger needle for casting on, etc.]


It's probably because you're thinking of casting on for a sweater. Maybe it'll stay springy for a while before it turns summery...

Barb Outside Boston

Oh to be in NY when the Harlot's blowing in!

Rachel H

I so wish I could be in NY tomorrow. For the friends part. I love the friends part the best. The freaking out the muggles is always good too, but there's no beating the friends.

I forgot to ask Steph to hug you and Juno for me (she was a little stressed when I spoke to her yesterday) so please consider yourselves hugged, 'kay?


I was trying to figure out a way to get down there, but too much going on up here. Have fun!


I hope you have a wonderful few days - I wish I could join you!


I'm very excited about the Represent tour tomorrow. I'd look for you to say hello, but I don't know what you look like. ha ha. Maybe I should wave my ESK in the air! My husband just called to tell me it arrived! Before FIT, I'm making a pit stop at Purl to buy some Koigu, meet some blogging friends and get some food at Once Upon a Tart. Cna't make it to the Empire Quilt show. bummer


Oh, to be in New York for all the festivities. I shall content myself with watching last night's snow melt, and hopefully run somewhere other than into my basement. I am, however, knitting a bamboo tank top. I live in eternal optimism.


Have a truly wonderful weekend.


Hi jen I see that you are extremely busy this week. I have a huge problem that perhaps some of your friends could help me with. In nov. I went to public library to get a pattern for a felted christmas stocking. Yours came up at creative corner as a free one. So I went home to make it. When I got to heel I didn't know what to do so I made another stocking up to the same point. I knew I wouldn't get help until I saw my sister. So with two unfinished socks she informed me I only had half the pattern. So sad.
Please help. It is the one on this website. thank you so much Jeannierae


I'm sorry that I'm going to miss you and Steph. :(

That's ok though, I'd probably ignore you anyways. heehee. Just kidding.


I'm so glad you got to attend The Represent and that you had a good time! Knitter and knitting are wonderful, no doubt about it.

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