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23 March 2007



Thanks so much for the summary and photos! I wish I could have been there...


Thank you Cassie, I wish I had been there as well!


Oh, I've been waiting for an update! thank you (we'll just forget my utter jealousy at not being able to be there for now..)!


It does look like a wonderful event. Feeling wistful now....


Oh how wonderful! Thank you for sharing the festivities of the day with those of us unable to make it! I love that shot of Imagine surrounded by knitters and socks...


What fun!!! Wish I could have been there. I love the socks around the IMAGINE tile.


Yours is the first post I've seen on this and it sounds like it was perfect. Thanks for the photos and all, Cassie.


Great photo coverage! Sounds like a perfect day was had by all! "Imagine" if the world was run by knitters....


Thanks so much for letting us in on the day. Some of us are just too far away to even contemplate joining in :-)
Nice Shakespeare quote :-)


Amazing! I wish I could've come out from London!
Were there lots of us? Did you represent?!


Onward knitters . . .


Thank you so much for sharing these moments with us. Even with the distance we feel "connected" as knitters!


Thanks Cassie! Looks like a blast.


It sounds like a fabulous time! Thank you for sharing to those of us who couldn't be there :-)


Cool! Looks like it was some fun. Thanks!


Thanks for allowing all of to Imagine!


I forgot my camera, so thank you. Those central part pictures are marvelous. Some kind of fantastic. Some kind of wonderful.


Nice. Thanks so much for the pictures and the report.


Jealous...JEALOUS. But I'm so glad you posted.

Barb Outside Boston

Between your and Kay's posts, I feel truly jealous, but what a great picture of the Bohus! I should have guessed she would wear that.


Thank you for the roundup and the photos. I so wanted to join in but just couldn't this time.


Wheee!! What fun! Oh goodness, what on earth would we do with the world if we conquered it?


It was amazing last night. I'm sorry I missed the socks in the park. I'm also sorry to have missed seeing you.


Thank you, so much for the update. I too am one of the many wishing she could be there. I am a Canadian ex-pat living near Seattle. Stephanie lives in the same part of Ontario that I did. She reminds me of Canada and the things that are so no available here in the US. She is wonderful and I'm glad you got to enjoy her humor....

Rachel H

That's our girl.

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