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05 March 2007



Very nice!

There's a sort of pleaseure in finishing a languishing UFO, isn't there? It's no longer just hanging around...


Nice! Glad cutting worked out for you... seems like it was worth it in the end because it came out very pretty.


It's beautiful and it looks lovely on you! End of story.


And it looks good!


It's a really lovely hat. It looks fab. Frames your beautiful eyes rather fetchingly !


It looks lovely, and no one but you will ever notice the tension problem.


It's a beautiful hat. I cannot WAIT to get my mitts on the pattern for that sock: it's just brilliant.


The hem surgery looks great.


You are much too hard on yourself. It is a beautiful hat.


I like how the hem gives some dimensionality to the bottom - looks almost like a turn up.
Is good.

Valerie in San Diego

It's pretty. I know how it is not to be totally pleased with something when finished, but to outside eyes it is quite beautiful.


With the cold weather we are having, how can you go wrong with warm and merino? You see the things that you don't like, but we see how stunning it is :-)


It's a very pretty hat, flash or no! You may not like your tension, but it looks fab to me.

Beth S.

Bully for you for cutting your knitting! :-) I bet that was scary.


I did exactly the same thing with that hat--only I used applied I-cord after hacking off the ribbing! I dont' have a photo of the Ullared hat, but I do have one of the Watch Hat from the same book, which received the same treatment. ttp://sskyop2.blogspot.com/2006/11/slip-sliding-away.html


Bravo! You see wonky tension, we see beautiful hat. And it draws attention to your beautiful eyes!

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