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07 August 2006



Hi Cassie, Awhile ago a friend who was moving gave me almost all her knitting, sewing, and cook books, many of which I did not need or want. So I sold them via Amazon.com and split the profits with her. It was really quite easy--easier than ebay--although many of them were not worth selling since they were going for under $5 so those were given away. The only down side was having to make several trips to the post office each week. I don't know about Brooklyn, but here in Queens a trip to the post office can be a lengthy affair with long lines and pathetically slow mailclerk people. Maybe hauling them to The Strand is the quickest solution but probably not as profitable. Good luck!


We live parallel lives! My husband has just finished a new 650 book ceiling-to-floor built in for what now has to be called the Library formerly family room) which meant we had to move the electronic piano to the guest room. In order to get it around the corner and into the room, I had to take ALL my knitting and spinning and weaving books out of my bookcase that he built into a little jut in the wall at the top of the stairs. There's a pile that never went back in..I'm thinking selling, too!


I'm so sorry to hear about Alice. It sounds like you gave her a wonderful life.

As for selling books, half.com is my favorite place. It's as easy as punching in ISBN numbers, putting in a little description, and setting the price. Sometimes the stuff is gone in days.


You crack me up. A simple plan - move the dresser. Two days later, the whole house is different.
Half.com is a good idea, or you could just donate them to a guild library or something.


Could you give them to the used bookstores that you've received such pleasure from all these years? I know it doesn't make you any money, but it seems kind of, er, karmic.
If you're into that sort of thing.
And I think it was the washing walls that scared people off. Washing walls!

Beth S.

Take 'em to the used bookstore, or put 'em in your sidebar and sell or trade 'em. I liked the suggestion about Amazon, too--people go looking for all kinds of obscure used titles there. The only downside is that you might not get a nibble right away, if nobody is looking for your particular obscure used title right at the moment.

I know what you mean about the empty shelf. It's unnatural. Maybe a nice little basket of rolags would fit there. ;-)


Perhaps after you weed out any unusually valuable books, you could put the others up for sale as lots of multiple books. That way you could save yourself some trips to the PO and get rid of the stuff a whole lot quicker.

Or, as Juno suggests, you can donate them to a library (and get a nice tax deduction as a little bonus).


Little you moving big furniture. (impressed, but shakes head)

Do you have a wish list of books (or items) you are looking for? Post 'em in a sidebar along with the book titles you'd be parting with. Maybe you could pick up a few things while letting go of others.


Hi Cassie - I've had good success selling off unneeded books at Amazon.com Marketplace too. The process is relatively painless, and you can set the price you want rather than waiting to see if someone bids for it.


I sell all my unloved books and CD's on half.com. I like that they direct deposit the payments into my account every two weeks, long after I've sold and forgotten the book. Like a little chunk of free money. Plus I don't have to deal directly with buyers and payments. Which is nice.


Mostly what charms me about this photo is that it seems like maybe a fleece snuck itself into your bedroom just as you took it. Or is that a cat tucked into the cranny on the left under the plant stand?


I used to be in love with half.com. That was, like eBay, before everybody in the entire free world, and then some, was trying to unload their junk. It seems that in both mediums (media?) now, nothing sells. Well, not NOTHING -- some things do, but not all, and not for the prices you'd like to get. But I had some really great books just languishing there for ages and ended up taking them down. Now we're going to bring them to B&N -- they pay a set rate of 10cents a book. Not a lot, but when you've got hundreds, it's something, I guess, and for me the biggest thing is just to GET THEM OUT OF HERE. I am actually rather saddened at the numbers of unloved books in this house. I really do not feel attached to any of them. That's true with a majority of STUFF nowadays. I just want to purge, big-time.


It's all fun and games until you start packing to move...trust me on this one.


How many books are too many? When the house threatens to collapse. I don't do walls because they are all covered with books. DH has over 1,000 cookbooks. He also collects sci-fi, mysteries, histories... Ineed to go lie down! Thanks to everyone for ideas on where to sell the excess. (DH is "looking into" Abdbooks.com (?)

Vivienne Upton

Bookshelves increase arithmetically. Unfortunately books increase exponentially. And in my experience, giving them away doesn't even begin to dent the problem.

Dorothy B

You could offer them up as a trade too. One lot of books for fleece/looms/yarn/spinning accessories. That kind a stuff.


Thanks for posting about this. I'm planning a big book purge in the next few weeks and had been considering the best way to do it. Lots of good suggestions here, though today it's hot and I'm thinking a big donation sounds good.


New Yorkers are supposed to have a lot of books. It is in the official rules, isn't it?

I never think of it as too many books - the problem is not enough bookcases. In my next house I'm planning a whole room with wall to wall bookcases.

Another option for selling books is to use the various used booksellers online. That way you can get rid of a bunch of books all at once - they give you a price beforehand, offer free shipping for you to get the books to them, and you're done. Bluerectangle.com is one choice but there are many.

I hope you're doing okay after such a crappy weekend.

Lee Ann

How many is too many? With books?

Can't answer that, said the Rubik's Cube Apartment Expert...


If the books really aren't worth the effort to sell them, donate them to the Friends of the Library Sale. Then you can deduct their value—as secondhand books being sold at the Friends' sale, which means not much—from your taxes.

Enjoy the empty bookshelf. If it's like our apartment, it won't last more than a minute.


Recently I decided that I needed to cull my book collection (okay, well, mostly the culling was done by Mike, but still...) and we ended up donating about 5 shopping bags worth of books to the library. I never worry about the donation, as Connie said, it's not going to get you much.

One other option, and this is what I did when I still lived in California, was donate to a local homeless shelter, or somewhere I knew they would NOT sell the books, but would just give them to anyone who might want to read one. The program I used to donate to (all my donated clothes went there, too) said that the books always went super quick. Now, I suppose this could be because my taste is books is better than my taste in clothes, but whatever.


That lacy bit is looking fine. Knit on.


Loving the Lace!! I just bought a bunch of weaving books and some cd's from Amazon's used book option. I always check there first, so it may be a good option for you :-)


Amazon sounds like a good idea. Sidebar gets too cluttered.

Room for more! I have to cull soon......


Last time I did the same thing I kept anything that was worth more than $10.00 and sold it. Then took the rest to good will. It is such a feeling of accomlishment to clean out and rearrange.

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