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12 August 2006



Uh oh. I think that refers to me.

Lee Ann

I resemble that remark.


snort - you're in good company at least. Half-wits, all of us apparently...


I see every one of us in that sentence. Just found out that the spindle class I'm taking next month includes a bit of Icelandic for us to spin. I'll think of you with every twist.


Lee Ann beat me to it.

Marcy, Not so Blogless

Shit, we ALL resemble that remark! Glad to see you're also catching up on your important literature, TMW. :D


I love that line- that's all of us indeed!

Beth S.

In Iceland, even the village idiot can appreciate good wool. What a great country! ;-)


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

that's funny

ha ha ha ha ha


As a total outsider, I must come to the defense of the knitters/spinners I find so interesting and enjoyable. Please note -- the half-wit is referred to as "he." Ahem. . . .

Rachel H

Yes. But I'm good with that. ;o)


"Enter Cassandra, raving, with her hair about her ears." Troilus & Cressida.

Dorothy B

Sounds oddly familiar ...



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