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09 August 2006


Rachel H

I don't need to see the before pictures to know that your spinning corner looks charming. A lovely spot to get yourself lost in for a while.


I have a livingroom corner with ome bags and piles of junk in it. I think it's one of the curses of apartment living: we don't have attics or basements to shove it in. I need to get some more bookcases/shelves if I'm going to deal with it.


very cosy!


I wonder about the books you are not selling. I've gotten rid of quite alot of my quilt books and none are duplicates of what you are selling. I still have about 50 left, most I can't part with. The charm quilt is beautiful, and looks in good shape, and it's nice to see you are displaying your old quilts.


How nice to have a new spinning corner. Enjoy it!!

Beth S.

Holy cow, that's a GORGEOUS quilt! It's right out of a coffee-table book. And full of centennial fabrics! (Bicentennial stuff is a dime a dozen, but centennial? That's wonderful!)

Dorothy B

Your spinning corner looks so calm.

I love the quilts. If I didn't hate sewing so much, those would definitly inspire me.


Oh! It's lovely. Those quilts are fabulous as well. Someday I'll be able to teach myself how to quilt. Someday....

Jena (the yarnharpy)

I can just see it now... deciding that the ugly air conditioner and fan are messing with her feng shui, Our Fearless Heroine begins to design and make knitted (or quilted) cozies that don't restrict airflow while at the same time bringing the correct color elements into that corner. ;) :)

Congrats on all the cleaning. I know I couldn't stick to it for that long! :)


The room looks wonderful, and your spinning corner is very inviting!


It's quite reassuring to see others with books taking over living spaces. Every time I try to organize our books, I end up sitting on the floor reading instead of organizing and culling. Good job! and everything looks lovely.


OMG, that quilt is gorgeous! Nice work on that.


I love the Charm quilt. Someday, I will make one of those myself. Someday. . .


Your spinning corner looks very inviting :-)

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