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13 August 2006



Cool picture, though. Can't win 'em all.


Oh my. Bless his little dragonfly heart. The picture still looks great!


Oh god. It IS a great picture. With pathos.


Awww, geez. You know, one just that size landed on our beach umbrella yesterday and refused to leave. My mom was freaked out though so finally shooed it off by removing the umbrella from the pole and shaking it. I wonder if it made it's way to your place after that. It was oddly so still on the umbrella I thought it died there.


Oh dear. I hope your week turns out better.


Oh dear. I thought they didn't live very long anyway? Maybe he sensed your balcony was a place of refuge and peace. And he'd get a celebrity shot out of it before he went?

Here's to hoping your week goes much more smoothly!


I am not 100% positive of this, especially at this late hour after 12 hours of driving and loading and unloading. ..... but I believe their life span is only 24 hours. So don't take it personally. Although in NYC air, it could be considerably less than 24 hours. (kidding, heh)




If that happened to me, I'd be certain that I was somehow at fault.


A dragonfly's life span is short- only 3 months. I have seen a few in the last week die. My 8 yo son picked up a beautiful green one and we have it in a shallow dish to look at. Nice photo- I love how you can see the coleus through its wings.

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