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17 April 2006



I get up an hour before the rest of the family, just so I can have that 'alone' time. I know what you mean - I was always a night owl, but I've discovered that you take those precious quiet moments wherever you find them.

What a joy to create something from scratch! No matter if someone's perhaps done it before - EZ said everything had been done before - you have 'unvented' it again. The point is that it came from your heart and hands, not a printed page.

And that red is really gorgeous. :)


And so it is a fiber designer is born. I would kill for your clearly high frustration tolerance right now.


I can't wait to knit your first sock pattern.

And my eyes popped open at five this morning and have been open ever since. I'm sure this is your fault somehow. You snuck over here and whistled under my window, didn't you?


After seeing all your lovely single colored socks I must keep reminding myself that they really are the best for patterns or lace. I'll leave the self-striping, variagated for stockinette socks. Can't wait to see your design.


I am looking forward to making these socks one day soon :-)


Um.. aren't you alone most of the time? Not to be technical or anything. Sounds like you are having fun, which is the main thing.


they make graphed index cards?? I have to find them. Immediately. I have graphed tablets, graphed programs, but cards... that I can use!


I'm a morning person, too. I love it when everyone else sleeps late and I can sit on the couch with my coffee and my knitting.


See why I always tweak, if not totally rewrite or write my own, patterns? It's captivating. I'll blog a bit about this when my eyes are working again.

Beth S.

Are all those socks-in-progress variations on the same theme? Wow. I love when that kind of singlemindedness takes over and you end up with something truly inspired.

I see a finished red toe, so you must have worked out at least the most pressing of your difficulties. How exciting! :-)


You have set aside the coloring books and are on to nice clean drawing paper! Whoppee! I agree--so much more FUN than following someone else's pattern, no matter how beautiful it might be. Like the difference between chemistry class in Middle School, where you are told what to mix in what quantity to get X result, and biochemistry in graduate school, where you define a problem and set out to get the answer. One can be interesting, and you learn how to measure and look at results--but the other, oh the other, is the shear joy of personal exploration. The bad news? You'll never enjoy knitting someone else's pattern quite as much ever again.


What a great idea. I had been struggling with the idea of taking a notebook in an already heavy knitting bag, but the notecards idea is great! I can then tape them in my project notebook when I'm done.

Thanks. It's great reading and seeing your process.


I am wonderfully amazed at your inspired socks. Isn't it exciting to find your creative genius there, just under the surface?


I wish I was a morning person -- the time seems to work out better for them.

I love the idea of "doodling" with needles.


Oooh, can't wait to see your masterpiece. Someone may have done it before, but that doesn't mean it isn't still your discovery. And now you will understand lace like never before. !!!


You are my hero.


It's addicting isn't it. And playing with different yarn once you have the pattern figured out. Then changing the pattern to suit your handspun. Then spinning to suit a pattern. Then... well, addicting. And graph index card? I want them too.


plz tell me about those graph index cards, cuz my hubby loves index cards, so this would be something he would be interested in. i buy him graph paper in a tablet.


Finally I am starting to get caught up (new laptop is helping...). I am soooooooooo impressed with your attempt at designing lace socks....good for you! Can't wait to see what you come up with ;-))

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