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06 April 2006



I will definitely buy one. Personally I love that blue and purple on top in the middle but any of the red ones are great too.

Beth S.

I'd certainly buy one. It's a great idea! :-)


I'd have one too. Preferably one of those purpley ones.


Seems, like you have a great idea on your hands and marketable as well. I keep my sock project in a clear plastic bag and all needles not currently in use in an old wine bottle tube, what you've done is certainly a LOT more stylish! I would buy one.


You have a wonderful way with color and proportion.

Emma in Seattle

I want the green one at the front of the second picture... if no one else has claimed it yet. Otherwise, I'll take anyone that's mainly green. You do great work, Cassie.


I'll buy one also! But I suspect they're all gone already, so if you make more, I do like purple and green :)


Oooh, ooo, me too! If we're placing dibs...well, I considered dueling with Nancy for the blue on in the middle on the top row, but I'll take the one on the left on the top row, too. :)


I left a comment in an earlier post (my @#$#%^@#$ Charter internet (dis)service has been down since Saturday so I'm just now getting caught up on blogs), but if you make any with one largish pocket for a curled-up 60" circ for us magic-loop peeps, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Purples or burgundies are my favorites, but whatever you come up with...

Lee Ann

Wow! I'm going to be on the waiting list, I see, for a looooooong time...



can we place dibs on unfinished ones?

I love that one in the top left corner of the picture! I neeeed it....
and the top center as well...but the top left... oh baby does THAT have my name on it or what??


Wow-those look wonderful! If you sold them, I would definitely buy one. I made a crochet hook case once that was similar in idea to these-but yours look SO much nicer!


I want! I really like the fall-toned starlike fabric on the left hand side of that first shot. So pretty. And I have major envy at your mad sewing skillz. *G* I want to learn how to quilt someday! I'd probably freeze up at trying to coordinate fabrics (colors, patterns, etc), but hope to do some education on color in the coming year or two. I'm going to teach myself how to can this year, but quilting is definitely on the radar for next year or the year after. Ooo la la!


me me me yum yum yum lemme know what you got when you got it ;)

Rachel H

Honestly, the bigger part of the attraction for me is that it's made by You. The fact that it's useful is almost secondary. I'll gladly pay whatever price you set.


Way cool...can't wait for mine!

Amy M. (in Seattle)

These are lovely. I especially like the green ones, as well. :)
I am definitely interested in getting one of these, Cassie!


Pretty pretty pretty.


Gorgeous! I saw some commercially-made needle bags for sale in a yarn shop today, and they paled in comparison. I can't wait to browse once you've got them up for sale. I'd love to buy one!


Cassie, I LOVE the purple one on the top left. Please email me if it isn't sold yet - or if you have another one.
Thanks -


Wow -- you are so productive!!! Your post yesterday totally hit home with me; I am pretty tight lipped about my blog, even to my family. It's a private part of my life and, at least at this point, it works for me. Funny that no one has asked me how I've met so many other knitters :-)

Catherine Harrison

Cool! I don't sew as much anymore either for the same reasons you mentioned. I'd love to have something like you're making, just too busy(lazy too) to drag out the machine and fabrics. Looks like all yours may already be spoken for, but if not....you might be able to twist my arm.


The fabric choices are beautiful! I did love the hand sewing part most when I was quilting. Don't you just love the feeling of fingering soft cottons? And threading small and sharp needles? I'm afraid of touching the cottons/linens because the pull towards quilting is so strong and I would feel so torn between the worlds of knitting and quilting. But ememgency kit is something one ought to have... So if there is any left or if you will be making new ones, I would love to buy one.

Laura J

You want to sell them in our stall at NH Sheep and Wool?


Hey there........they look great! I love the color choices......especially that springy yellow/green in the bottom picture. I just may have to have one ;-))

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