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06 April 2006


Lola LB

Put me down on the list as being interested in buying one . . .


I would very much like to buy one ! Really ! Can I.somewhat cheekily,reserve the one to the right on the top row of the first picture ? Pretty please ?



*waves hand frantically in the air* Oh, me too! I want one - please make them available! There is nothing finer than a tool that is handmade by a perfectionist. Beauty meets function meets form meets detail. *swoon*


Oh,Cassie, they look wonderful. Very exciting indeed. I'll let you pick mine -- I honestly don't care which one I buy.


They are beautiful. And your color/fabric selections are fantastic.


(waving arms over here in the corner) Me! Me! I want to call dibs on the center one on the bottom row of the first photo. Not that I know what I like or nuthin'...


I agree that making the fabric decisions are always the fun part of any quilting project. These are going to be wonderful...a nice break from knitting for a while, aren't they?


Definitely interested!!!


Oh, please put me on the list for a purpley one!!! They're very cool.


Friend Adelaide is very pleased. But, hey, Cassie, ain't it all "lots of time, huge mess -- all for a little thing?" You're describing my life!


oh i'm interested.


They're gorgeous and useful and would be worth quite a bit. I hope you'll be very fair to yourself when you price them and remember how much your time is worth. I'd absolutely buy one.

Liz Cadorette

YES, please! I love the one in the bottom right corner of the first picture...can I call dibs? :)

Those are gorgeous, and would be a lovely way to use up stash not otherwise earmarked for quilts. Cool! I echo others in saying be fair to yourself when you price them. I'm on the definitely would purchase list, assuming I can afford your time and effort! :)

Hey, are you coming to MDSW? If you are, can we meet up?


Depending on the end price, I'm very interested - you might consider putting them on etsy.com; then again, they might be all gone before then :) I love the one on the top right as well, but Emma called dibs on that (sigh), so I confess a love for the apple green one in the second picture.


I love your color/pattern combinations. Damn, you're good.


Put me down for one! :)


Cassie, they're absolutely beautiful! I'd love one for myself, and I'm already thinking of others who would appreciate them as gifts. I've been wanting to visit Purl's new quilting shop, it has now been made a priority for this weekend.


The are all nice and you have a good eye for mixing color and pattern. Looks like most are already spoken for!


Ah, the mess. I'm reminded now why I quit quilting! You're right, knitting is much *neater*.

And did you say "snow shower"? Snow? Wow, it was 85 degrees here today.

martha in mobile

What lovely color choices you make! I'm so looking forward to purchasing one!


I fear you are already sold out, but if not, put me on the list, too! Gorgeous!


I'd like one too, a blue or green one.


long time reader, but quiet, who would be very pleased to buy one.


I'd believe you about the Not That Compulsive except that I know there's a bag of combing waste around there somewhere that you can't bear to part with.


Mmmm... Greens...
(And how weird was that snow yesterday???)

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