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21 April 2006



Oh, I love the idea of silk-linen yarn!


Coned yarn! Lovely!

Could I ask what needles you use for the lace knitting?


Any estimates on wpi for your thread? (I've been debating about how to use some merino thread/cobweb weight that I picked up last Saturday...)

Vicki Roy

Never regret yarn purchases they always end up being knit when the right project comes along. Then you can't believe your absolute genius in purchasing the yarn, and you realise you were obviously ahead of your time. Love the lace. I always love lace but generally don't like it so open, not in this instance it is perfect. Lace makes me happy too.


i am having serious cone envy.


Thanks for the post! I have a number of laceweight cones of silk and have been wondering what size needles I should be using and what sort of pattern could be done with them.


I blog about my mistakes all the time. People love it.



Enjoy your cone! It looks quite nice.

Beth S.

Did you just get away with showing us an ethereal little scrap of shawl and not telling us what it was? ;-) Yes, I think you did!

I still feel badly about not buying any laceweight cashmere, merino, etc at School Products last month. Total failure of the imagination there. I know I'll end up radically overcompensating for that the next time I make it to New York.


How many wpi is the yarn/thread that you got?


I have a (*cough* *cough*) huge cone of 2/48 cream-colored Zegna Bafuffa cashwool but never worked up the nerve to swatch it. Any idea of the weight of your linen/blend.

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