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18 April 2006



That's fun! I like it! And I don't do lace socks. I like my socks plain & simple. I'm branching out and tackling a pair of KNEE socks, don't know what's gotten into me.....


Cassie, at the rate I'm going, my projects on the needles (not UFO's but things I'm currently working on) will OUTWEIGH me!!!

I like the color of the sock. (Can't see the pattern yet, but my vision is clearing a bit.)


Thank you for sharing :) You are descriping me to the T. This is exactly how I work too. I have a project that I haven't touched for a few days but is almost done! Then there are the inspirational ones too. You just get an idea and everything else becomes trivial. Yep, been there, done that :)


it's lovley. i'm doing a project about it so it will helpfull. love lulu


that is so cute!!! i wish i could that i love it


that is so cute!!! i wish i could that i love it

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