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18 April 2006



It's beautiful! I'm mighty impressed. Do you think it's too complicated for a lace novice like me?


ooo pretty. Thanks for sharing the progress photo.


Me likey!


Love it - especially the cuff!


I was doing just fine til you posted that. Now I am considering buying sock sized knitting needles. Damn.

Rachel H

That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing the photo.

julia fc

Thanks for the link. I had no idea that the Chinese zodiac had anything more specific going on in the animal categories. The things you learn.
Love the turquiose sock.


I knew you were in a frenzy to figure it out but don't get carried away enough for injury! One reason I have several projects going is that my hands do hurt with only socks on the needles.
Great looking sock!


And it's not red/orange. ;-)


Love the cuff and lace panel, and the color appeals to the water dragon in me. I am always tempted by your socks, and I hope you will think about publishing this particular pattern, since I am too lazy/untalented to figure it out myself.


Love the sock, though I'm wondering why it's not red. I'm a blue person, so that's not a complaint or anything, just an observation.

And I, for one, never question another's project hopping. I'm easily entertained by vicarious startitis, or as you aptly put it monkey mindedness, though I love the Wrixlan Jacket so much, I'd love to see it get some more attention...


It's a beautiful sock. And I would like to point out that very few of us have the right to nag about project infidelity.


It's very, very beautiful. Keep those photos coming, you know we love them.


it looks great so far!!!
p.s. i'm an earth monkey also.


Really? An earth money? Hm. I had you pegged for a space monkey.
Ahahahaha! Boy, I'm killing myself over here. Okay, I'll stop.

I LOVE that new sock. Love it.

Beth S.

Holy moley. That's fabulous!


Pretty cuff and clocks - very inspirational (I'm not surprised that you couldn't wait to show it off!).

And thank you for giving me a 'good' excuse for my own inability to stick to anything, 'cos I'm an earth monkey too.


Now that's a SOCK! Tres elegant! Did I hear there was going to be a pattern available?


Yeahyeahyeah we are incurably curious and appreciate the teaser. Beautiful work, as always.

Sigga Sif

It's looking great! Very nice color, despite not being red or orange :-)


Erm... I have 10 different projects on needles right now. Please send help.

Love the lace - and it continues down the foot - pretty!

Janice in GA

I'm a water dragon. :)


LOVE the cuff! And the sock too ;)


nice sock! are you sure you aren't writing about me?


Oh, that sock is fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

I'm not astrologically a monkey, but I have monkey mind like no one's business. :)

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