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10 April 2006



You're smarter than I am...while the pattern is easy I just have made one mistake after another. It hasn't damped my enthusiasm for this project, however. It's fun to do and knits up quickly (when I'm not frogging). The color is beautiful!


I share your love for the KSH. I need them to come out with some more colors.

Beth S.

I just finished mine! I'm really glad you took the plunge too. It's a great pattern; you'll enjoy it even if a) it's excessively hairy, and b) not your color at all. ;-)

Imagine how fantastic it would be in orange!

Beth S.

Oh, and KSH may be hairy, but at least it's not the sheddy kind of hairy. I have no patience at all for that kind of thing.


The scarf looks great and I agree with Claudia - new KSH colors would be awesome.


Well, mohair perhaps, but it's laceweight so it seems entirely appropriate for summer.

That pattern has been calling out to me for a while now.

You have one lucky mom, m'dear.


People LOVE mohair. I mean, I love it too--although not so much knitting with it--it's light, warm and soft. But I have this ratty 15 year old pink mohair sweater I made out of Michael's sale mohair and the Candide Brooks sweater pattern done on circs, and whenever I wear it people comment. I mean, the sweater has holes in it, it's so ratty. But I wore it into a restaurant yesterday and had the hostess and two waitresses rhapsodizing about it. There's just something about mohair.

I'm just looking for a good project to knit with KSH. I had a sweater in mind but suspect there may be some ripping and mohair doesn't rip well.


Yea! You're knitting it.
And it's looking great.

Rachel H

"in case" you're tempted to embark on some kind of insane-making shawl project in the future??

Uh huh. :o)


Yes, I love that KSH doesn't shed (or not enough to matter), and the fabric is so deliciously soft and light, yet warm . . . that level of "fuzzy" I can handle!


A KSH scarf knit in early spring sounds reasonable. A shawl might be a bit less pleasant...all that mohair pooling in your lap.


Ooooo... It's gorgeous. Lovely color & design & execution.


I think spring is the perfect time for mohair, it's so light and airy. I just started a mohair project too, must be contagious...


you are a nice daughter :-)


Cassie-you were 100% my inspiration for voyaging into lace knitting. You make something that looks at first so incredibly difficult seem so easy! All of your lace projects are just beautiful! Get this-you were right! I have a half-way finished Branching Out in KSH in my workbag, and my hands didn't fall off when I started! Thank you!


KSH just has that effect on, well, everyone. 1 month into knitting and I walked into a LYS, saw the KSH and fell in love. Carried it around in a little bag convinced that if I could get my non-knitting friends to touch it that they too would fall in love and want to learn to knit.

True story. I was a bright-eyed new knitter.

The mountain stream scarf has been popping up a lot lately... it makes me think it might be just the thing for my first lace project. I'm going to have to bounce that around in my head a bit though. Yours is a beautiful color.


I suppose the way you all go on about it, I'll have to get my hands on some KSH one of these days. The scarf is looking lovely.


You're going to get major daughter points there. :) And you'll be matching!!


Parallel tracks. Exactly the same [hot, hairy, yet I like the resulting fabric] thoughts I was having yesterday when I finished up a KSH shrug. Your mom's going to love the scarf.

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