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04 April 2006



Oooo... I love the bridal shawl...


Ooh, I love Nora Gaughn too. And both of those sweaters are wonderful. As always, impeccable taste, m'dear.


Lite Lopi is the answer.


I will order the book ASAP. It looks fabulous. There are many good books coming out so my $$ are going that way instead of yarn...oh wait, I bought yarn too, no wonder I'm broke.


Hey, I flipped through that book at Barnes/Noble the other day. I liked it too but I had to choose between that one and Stephanie's new book, which won. Maybe I'll grab it next week...


that book is on my list too! Glad to hear it's good. Will be looking in awe as you knit the four lace shawls!!

julia fc

My teedy aran cardigan is a Norah Gaughan design. I do so admire her novel spins on classicism and wearability. I think you'd look great in a sweater coat.


Once again you send me wandering over to Heirloom, and once again I get stuck looking at all the pretty....

That létt lopi sweater is amazing...yeah, it's a lot of moss stitch, but so pretty!


wowee! i can't wait to see them in action. also - can we talk icelandic shawls sometime? i don't know how well that will go over for mimosas and deck knitting this summer but i can't stop thinking about the Hálfskák in the 2005 gallery over at dances with wool.


I'm drooling!


gah, i just placed an order from amazon! will wait til the morehouse book comes out and order them both.

Diane E.

Ditto on the back cover sweater! BTW, where did you get the book?


I saw NG's book yesterday and thought, I need to order that. Went to a major bookstore today to pick up SO - and didn't even look in the craft aisle for the book. NOW you tell me it's already out. Great. Need to make a special trip back to Loveland. I guess I can stand to do that. :-)


Thank you for pointing out this book. It sounds curious, I'll have to add it to my Amazon wishlist.


Oh! Oh! Oh! Thank you so much for writing about Norah Gaughan's book. I was just thinking the other day "I wonder why she has never written a book of designs?" And she HAS!! I love her work, I can't wait to buy it, I think she's brilliant.


Where did you find this book?

Lilikoi Knits

I too recently picked up a copy of Knitting Nature, and am in love. In fact, I've started a KAL for projects from the book. I haven't figured out what I'll start first, possibly the Roundabout Leaf Tank (p. 108).


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