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04 April 2006


Sigga Sif

Thanks for mentioning the book, which I had no idea about. I love both of the designs you show, especially the Lopi lite one. It looks amazing and aaaah, létt-lopi is so nice! I'll have to keep my eyes open... although I seriously doubt it will be possible to get lucky in Europe (or what, is it an English designer, the name sounds a bit like it).

Lola LB

That Opal wool/silk blend - where did you get it? I would love to have a couple skeins of this.


I'm glad that when you fall down the rabbit hole, you land on incredibly soft things. :-)


When you fall, you fall hard (although as DebbieB points out, you find soft landings). Impressive.


I'll have to look for the Opal wool/silk. It looks so nice!


Have you knit with the Jamieson's lace weight before? How do you like it?


Good morning! I had no idea Norah Gaughan had a book coming out. Oh dear.

Nice score of yarn and patterns! Don't you just love when the mailman shows up with goodies? I want to take a peek at those patterns one day, if you don't mind. My only foray into lace so far has been Branching Out. It still intimidates me, but not so much that I don't want to try it out.


Yes, I'm curios about the lace yarn too. Let us know if you swatch it. That second sweater is darling! The first also but the moss stitch and the sheer length would stop me in my tracks. You, though, would persevere!


DH said the papers scattered about the in the bottom, the baggies with substances in them...looks like a drug bust at your house.

Just sayin'.


Oh dear, Pooh......you are enticing me down that rabbit hole. I just may succomb to the heirloom lace page today...

BTW......My Blauband socks are my favorite ones to wear...not as flashy as Opal, but they are always comfortable and never seem to get all stretched out.


Oh, no...not another book to buy! I haven't bought groceries yet this week!


Good thing you're not currently on a yarn diet or anything...


Yeah they "just happen" to clump up. It has nothing to do with you.


Oooh, Knitting Nature looks great.


That long coat is absolutely GORGEOUS! Thanks for the peek.

Rachel H

Great. Another book I want now. And another sweater (the back cover one) to add to the ever growing list of sweaters I want but don't have time to make. And more sock yarn I want.

You're a dangerous person for those with low impulse control to be around. I like that about you. :o)


The spring shawl I don't remember but the other three I also seriously considered. In fact I recall looking at that site and thinking that maybe the rosebud was too easy. I know Ted is using it as a warm-up for the wedding ring. The Unst looked very very tempting though...


Those are some expensive-assed patterns. Very pretty, but those patterns better not have even one error at those prices.


I live in a lys-less city (we have a Micheals and a Walmart but it's so not the same). I am currently waiting for sock yarn (how can micheals not carry sock yarn?) Pattern books. Knitting Books. Glass Needles. Imported Aussie Marino. And about 3 other packages not knitting related. I looked at the list and decided i needed some instant gratification and went to my local alpaca farm to get some of thier homespun. They won't have any available for 2 months....**cries** ...**consoles self with ordering knitting nature..which doesn't come for another 2 and a half months...** That's it I'm going to work.


Maybe you don't want to know this, but J&S had Shetland cobweb on sale last time I was on their site.

Beth S.

You found Blauband! To me, that's the most exciting part of your post. ;-) It's such a shame that it's not going to be available over here anymore. I've got two skeins left in the stash that I'm going to save for something very special.

Re Heirloom Knitting: Glutton for punishment much? ;-) Seriously, those are some really challenging patterns you've chosen. But that Spring Shawl is really something, isn't it?


I'd looked at that book on Amazon and was curious . . . how weird that it's out without them knowing it! It looks promising though . . . just what I need, more books!

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy

I am hearing very good things about the Jamieson's laceweight. With the mix of lambswool and Shetland, it clings but is not droopy ( does that make sense?). Did you get a postcard and yarn samples? I love the way Heirloom sends stuff- and the patterns are works of art.


Thanks for indulging me! I'm majorly craving some wool silk Opal now, for some reason... :)

Lee Ann

I love that second Norah Gaughan sweater. Beautiful. I'd wear it without the shirt underneath, because the layering thing completely makes me look like a linebacker, but wow, that neckline detail is gorgeous...a book to look forward to!

I just got Fiona Ellis's book and I'm kind of in pre-cast-on lala land over here...a girl has to dream...

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