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19 April 2006



OMG! You're making me think it might be worth a trip to New York just to go to Habu! DAMN YOU! I've been wanting laceweight silk for God only knows how long.

Barbara from Nova Scotia

Did you notice how unapologetic Stephanie was about the whole thing? beautiful new stash!

Lee Ann

Well, you weren't swayed by cashmere much, were you?

(snicker, snicker, snicker...)


I never thought about graphed index cards! You are a brilliant woman!! I am so glad that Elizabeth introduced me to you at the Doylestown bookshop when the Harlot was there; if she hadn't I would never have found your blog and I would never have discovered graphed index cards. Brilliant, brillian, brilliant! (Can you tell it doesn't take much to excite me? )


Graphed index cards?! And here I am photoenlarging a shawl chart just so I can carry along something I can actually see. Graphed index cards. Huzzah for Decartes!


I like the handtowl...it looks like a fun pattern. The yarn is all gorgeous.


Now I want to knit lace. Won't you tell us the name of the maroon hank?


Been there, done that. I can't talk to my dealer a friend of mine anymore if my dad is in the house. At least not unless I assure him that we are discussing yarn and not drugs.


I saw that silk at School Products about a week ago. I almost bought it--but I'm trying to contain the stash and curtail spending. It's really beautiful stuff. Can't wait to see what you make of it.


Oh my................that laceweight yarn is to die for....so pretty!!! Any ideas what you are going to do with it?

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