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19 April 2006



You know, the linen grows on you after a while. Sort of. Love the towel...you got farther with it than I did! And, lucky you actually SHOPPING with Ms. Harlot! (I'm going up to see her at WEBS on Saturday..doubt she'll want to shop with me.)


You cannot blame me because you are weak.


Dude. I WILL have that 1/2 skein from you. One way or another. MWHAAHAAA!


Lots of finger pointing going on here.... stay strong!


Oooh, that silk laceweight. Simply gorgeous.


Yesterday I was thinking about this sort of hive mentality we knitbloggers have--patterns that just sweep the knitblogging world (like Birch, or Rogue). The irony of all this is the reason we all started reading blogs in the first place was to see what interesting and different things other knitters were making. And then we often all end up knitting the same thing.

That yarn you bought looks so gorgeous and I know you will find something new and interesting to do with it! You know, something that I can copy ;)

Beth S.

!!! That hand-dyed silk looks just like the gorgeous CTH I put back on the shelf at Seaport and have regretted ever since. I'm so glad you got something like it!

At least the linen is orange. Cold comfort, but still. ;-)


I so do the index card thing too. I actually have a mini photo album that I slide the cards into so it's just a flip away (and less likely I'll lose them). It's just way more darned handy then lugging a huge book around isn't it?

Before I forget.... MMMMM lace weight.



Lucious laceweight yarn. Yum. Can't wait for more lace goodness.

Though I'm a bit confused about which is which since the are both referred to as the one "on the left".


I'm too gah-gah over the lace weight to read anything else. We are bereft of lace weights in SLC. Sigh...it's too beautiful.

Rachel H

When in doubt, blame Harlot. Works for me!


Staples. Requires a trip to Denver. Can handle it. TY.


i think i just drooled on my keyboard.


Thanks for the tip on the graphed index cards!


Is there a 12-step program for laceweight junkies? I'm pretty sure admitting you have a problem would be the first step. ;)


Well, if it makes you feel better, I wouldn't have been able to walk away from that either, as I'm guessing a lot of us couldn't. I have this vision of soft and shiny on that mohair cashmere.


Stephanie called you weak. Gonna do something about that?


Oh. Oh, oh, oh.
I want that silk.
Lucky you.


Yep. Stephanie's evil, in that best kind of way. I've never even met her, and she pulls that kind of stuff on me.

Yep. All her fault.


Nice silk dental floss. Such a color...

And I'll have to look into that graphed index card thing.


I love that silk stuff. Glad I don't shop with her.

And more people should consider size when writing sock patterns. I clicked the link for potamus (or whatever it is called) on Stephanie's blog and note that it is a 22 row repeat and fits a size 9 foot. So as lovely as that pattern is, I'm not going to knit it because I have a size 10.5 foot (and a bit on a wide side) and I bet 22 rows doesn't work very well for resizing the foot of the sock.

That silk stuff looks beautiful. Beautiful enough to say it twice. My new spindles are apparently in the mail which means I may be able to spin some silk soon.


Laceweight. Sigh. The stuff clouds are made of - and daydreams.

Makes me want to quit my job and just sit home knitting lace shawls. Do you think they'll let me have sharp needles in the crazy house?

I love that orange color. I haven't yet knit with linen - sounds like you're not loving the 'hand' of it?


That silk. Oh. So. Beautiful.


Pretty, pretty yarn! I am partial to grid paper Moleskine notebooks - the little thin black ones - for my portable lace patterns. I even found a small piece of flat metal that fits inside so I can use a magnet to keep my place.


That silk is to die for!

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