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31 March 2006



Are you really sure that you never were a girl scout? And isn't it amazing how such a knitting emergency can galvanize you into action so quickly to come up with a pretty solution!


It's brilliant! Any girl scout would be proud!!


Ah, beautiful! A sock brigade on your own. I should get to that sewing machine sometime!


I think that a sock tool kit is a brilliant idea!


So clever. You have no excuses now. I don't want to hear a month from now that you were sock-less on errands again.


Good for you - it's perfect. And I love the fabric and color.


You are a genius. What a perfect combination of function and beauty! I love the fabric, too - pattern and color. It'll slip right down into your bag and take up no space at all.

Lola LB

Why not give sewing instructions for this kit so that we can at least make our own and customize accordingly?


I'd buy one in a heartbeat! Put me on the list if you decide to sell them.

That Laurie

I collect such needle cases on eBay, but they are ALWAYS too tall for my sock needles and have pockets that are too small. If you make 'em for sale, I would probably buy several since I really WANT them for my sock needles! But I would settle for the dimensions of the fabric and general design tips.

Sigga Sif

It's so cool! As others before me have said, the fabric is gorgeous and the idea darn clever! Hmmm, maybe I should dust my sewing machine...


It's perfect. If you had any interest in marketing those, would pony up for one, no question. Have a lovely weekend!


Of course they'll be lining up around the block.

Great stuff!


They WILL be lining up around the block. I'm already IN line. !!


Way to go! It looks fabulous and now you'll be set to run.


Oh, how beautiful and supremely useful. The three co-ordinating fabrics speak well for your quilting and design skills. Of course, it also shows that your fabric stash is well and thriving.

Rachel H

I'd definitely buy one so I didn't have to bring my whole tool kit with me for a mobile project. Can I put in a request for a case just for my DPNs too please?


That's a very clever little kit!! Hmm, it looks like you need to start an Etsy store. :)


I think it's a genius idea. Beats the hell out of my ziploc bag sock kits.


I think that's a go ahead on the making them for sale.

Me, I use the little pink bag from the strand for small projects. And an old makeup bag for the stuff. God knows I have enough of those.

But I'd like a custom pouch for my straight needles. 3 layers of pockets for the different sizes, with a tape measure leash and felt flap for pins and.....what do you think?

julia fc

Utterly perfect, for those of you who knit socks on straights. I'm not sniffing, I'm truly impressed. And the colour's good too.
(you know typepad hadn't updated youon my feed list all week. I was beginning to wonder . . . )


Psst: My emails are bouncing back. Is your mailbox full?


I think we all need a sock emergency kit. I know I do. The fabric is beautiful.

Beth S.

What gorgeous fabrics you chose! And look how nicely it coordinates with the current sock! ;-)

I like the idea of the Clover thread-cutter. Smaller and lighter than scissors. Good thinking.


Looks good! i put in a pair of nail clippers with a small nail file attached, this way I had something if I got a snag in my nail (i hate the feeling of wool caught in a snag!) But I wil confess yours is a much better colour! **ponders running out buying a new umbrella just to have a better colour holder namely pink and orange**

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