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21 July 2005



LOL - texty blog posts are fine :) One of my bets is on Cece falling soon...http://fiberfish.blogspot.com/

ack re all the bad kharma - those days suck.

Can't wait to hear about the bunny balls....


I also got bunny crack in yesterdays mail...(and I know what color your ball are;-0) I spun last night on the first bunny balls Kim sent to me. Does that make you happy?
It's still 103 here. Hurricane Emily is bringing in humidity tomorrow. Would you believe we're thrilled?-NOT!


Nope, foam in bras is not a good thing!

See you on Saturday! :)


It will all be better soon. There will be enough good karma to go around, that you can't HELP but feel soothed and smoothed and calm. Jagged edges will be history. (Hormones too, time is on our side.)


I'm with you on the evilness of bra shopping. Doing it with PMS is probably bad on several counts unless you were specifcally short of bras that fit during that time. But Foam, yuck.

The humidity has broken up here. Still hot but actually nice. And it seems to cool down nicely overnight. window fans are the best thing ever.


Blogicide? Is that a crime? Does there need to be an advocacy group to protect the rights of poor, helpless blogs?

Beth S.

I'm always happy to see sock pictures, Cassie. Especially if they're the nifty orange Trekking ones you had going. :-)

And I know precisely what you mean about FOAM. Where did all those bizarre molded foam bras come from? Rigid, unbreathable plasticky stuff, ugh! Spectacularly dumb idea.


Foam does not belong in bras. Cotton all the way, baby. Oh, and I'm sending positive thoughts to the travel gods for a safe return trip home for the daughter.


I'm with you all the way on the bra thing - mine are getting to the point where I can't avoid the evil shopping trip much longer and I'd really rather lick the carpet than go bra shopping. I nursed for four years consecutively (to the day!) and don't think that undergarment shops carry the proper gear for women who don't want bullet proof push up bras. I wish you luck.


LOL. Hey - when I decide to do something, I decide! Sorry if I made your head spin. Still dreaming about it though - although now I'm thinking I may need a second mortgage on my house to pay for all this stuff.


Oh and good plane vibes - the weather should be nice and clear tonight - no awful delays! The airports have been a mess lately with the weather.


But Sweetie, you're wrong about the Bloglines thing. You were updated both days for me. If you want a really nice, cotton (and lycra, sorry, but it makes it so NICE) bra...without underwires, but it has extra support where the underwires would go, Jockey makes a really great one that is supportive enough for us non-huge-breasted types and flattering. I've got several. I got my first one when I needed a non-underwire bra for places I have to go (like correctional centers) where NO WIRES is a good thing. And I've kept buying them, so they must be good.

I don't think you killed the spider. She probably just moved on. She may have been pissed off, but then again, we might be anthropomorphizing a bit too much, which David says I tend to do.

Now I have to get to the cleaning and the weeding. I'm grumpy, too, but it's for different reasons.

Dena Shunra

Foam bras are actually pretty nifty, except for the way they *look*, of course - you kind of imagine that this is what Mrs. Gozilla (not Ms. Not with all those synthetics!). Sign me up for the lacy, satiny ones, though. In hot pink and midnight blue and purples.

But - dahling, you do NOT go bra shopping with PMS...


One must be constantly vigilent at times like this.


A new air conditioner, better weather, a new spinner, bunny balls, and a daughter returning home... sounds like your luck is already improving. Just the thinking about the bunny crack improves my day. :)


Foam bras are just wrong. As a fellow former-nurser, I suggest you get yourself to the Upper West Side and hit the Town Shop. They really do make bra shopping a whole lot less painful than we all know it can be. Honestly. You tell them what you want (or don't) and they'll sort you right out. I won't go anywhere else.

Sorry about the crap day yesterday. Today is bound to be better. Fingers crossed that your daughter's re-entry to the States is a smooth one.


I'm with you on the bra shopping -- ugh! Sending good karma your way.

Lee Ann

I actually like the underwire things, and yet bra shopping STILL gives me a big migraine, without fail. And for the past few years, shoe shopping has done the same, which is practically criminal, since I love shoes. I do not, however, wish to (a) wear replicas of my daughter's Mary Janes or (b) put someone's eye out with the lethally pointy toe of my shoe. There has to be a happy, sexy, stylish medium. Has to be. Right?

Air conditioning and bunny balls sound like a good remedy for the bra torture, though....good karma to you for your daughter's return, and hang in there. I'm guessing that eventually you got a bra, so you'll be hanging in there well-supported now ;-)


I'm sorry spider, but a/c has to come first. I'm sure she just relocated.

I'm guessing you were taking up all the bad luck so that your daughter can have smooth sailing on her way home. What a wonderful, motherly thing to do!

Ahh, bunny crack. Have you seen Helen's page today. I am so on board. Could be a dangerous business.

And yeah, bloglines is bumming me out too.


Where to buy bras that really fit. The Town Shop on Broadway near 82nd. Famous for never being wrong.

You go in, ask to see something in your size, they look you over. You go to a dressing room. They bring what will work. You don't choose, they solve.

I've never been but it is one of my life ambitions.


Congratulations on the new a/c and the daughter coming home. I'm sending good thoughts for airlines & customs-folks!


Bras should not have foam. I've tried them on. They are ridiculous! I need support, not protection or projection. Bra shopping is hell. Hell, I tell you! Never go when you've got pms! It makes it that much worse. And when it's hot?! No, no. Go when you're feeling good, and go somewhere where an intelligent, sensitive woman who's been there, done that, can help you out.


I definitely don't miss the old "over 80 degrees at 9 am" thing. We didn't have AC, and would camp out under the ceiling fan, praying the house would get below 80 degrees overnight. It's hot here, but I can't complain, in comparison. Hope it breaks soon.

And bras? I am lucky to be extraordinarily flat chested and it's not even an issue. I never thought I'd say that, but I've seen what's out there and frankly, it's scary.


Oh poor you sounds like a a really awful day. I also hate bra shopping and normally dont wear some. Also I was nursing for a long time (19 month) and I hate hate hate all underwire, foam, push up stuff. A bra always makes me feel that something makes it hard to breath. But enough bra stuff now.
Here we have 13 °C and constantly rain, should I sent some over to you?
It feels lik autumn here.
I am pretty sure that your daughter will arrive save back in your arms.
Pat some nice yarn and make you a cold chocolate drink, that should help the pms a little.
My best wishes from here!


Did you get the Santa Fe? That's on my short list. Also Opalessence. Very pretty. C'Mon, you can show us the bunny balls.

Re: bras - This is a foam-free zone. In fact, my weekend dog-show wearing of the sports bra has started to ooze into the work week.

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