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20 July 2005



I'm one who has never had a problem with buying wool in summer. Quilting fabric sounds positively cool by comparison. And there is ALWAYS room for reference material. Looks okay to me.


We sat at our Stitch 'n Bitch group last night in a coffee shop that was 90 with the cooler on. Grrls do what they need to do, you know like, shopping, knitting, bitching and such, despite the weather. You did well;-)


Why do people keep thinking wool is inappropriate for summer? I keep having to remind people about TROPICAL wool. ;-)

Wool keeps you warm when it's cold, keeps you cool when it's hot. It just has to be the right weight.

Those repro fabrics are WUNDERBAR! And I hope Adelaide had a good time, too. I can read between the lines, ya know.


I hope Norma is right about wool being cool when it's hot, because I hate summer so much I don't buy summer clothes and I'm going to a show tonight and I'm going to have to wear wool since I don't own anything dressy enough in summer weight stuff. Pity the fool! (And, no, it wasn't me! Despite the heat, I wish it had been.)


I'm shocked, SHOCKED at the fabric purchase. (hehe)

Beth S.

Oh! You went! :-) Did you see what I meant about the magazines? Seriously, I could go there and leave with nothing but an armful of back issues, and consider myself ahead of the game.

I love the fabrics you bought. Back when I was in quilting mode, I used to head straight for the reproduction prints, too. I think I see an Alice-like bird on one of them...


You should've come by. The pool was nice. And the apartment, well, meat lockers are hot compared.


Those chintzes (chintzi?) you bought are yummy. You mentioned that the yarn shop didn't have your Zephyr color. What color would that be? Not orange, I'm sure.


Well you have to do something to keep your mind off the heat. What better way than to buy wool and fabric for the cold weather to come?


Awesome fabric purchases! I'm always in search of reproduction fabrics for Civil War stuff - well done!


As I sit in my Jersey City home dripping sweat, I hear you loud and clear. I'm glad the journey was (clearly) worth it.


You didn't menition whether Jon was taken in by your "I have not idea how that fuzzy stuff got there" ruse. Perhaps Alice is molting in a very special way these days. I hear the heat can have strange affects like that.

And I really prefer to think of myself as an emulator, not a copy cat. :)


I consider it our service to the sheep. Somebody needs to shear them so they can stay cool in this heat, and we provide the motivation for shearing by purchasing wool year-round.

What was that about a rationalization service again?

BTW, great choices on mags--both those issues are tattered and well-read chez mama.

Mary Beth

A little better today, don't ya think?


Beautiful fabrics.

At least the car *was* air conditioned. Oof. Yesterday was awful. Somehow, today doesn't seem as bad.


I wonder how hot it is in Iceland.


I can't even say "quilt" in this weather.


You went to Aunt Jeans? I live about 1/2 hour from there. I'm glad you enjoyed the selection and experience.

I abhor the store, though. I went there with a friend to look for fiber to spin and any other stuff we could find. We had our (then) toddlers with us. We were practically escorted out the door immediately with repeated admonitions not to let them touch anything.

Now, we weren't planning to let them touch anything. But we weren't even given a chance to demonstrate our eagle eyes or our willingness to send one mommy out with the kids and take turns shopping, if need be.

We left. We didn't buy anything. I've never been back.

We went to The Spinnery in Neshanic Station, NJ (it's on 202 between Flemington and Somerville but I think it's closed or closing). We began our sojourn in that store with statements like "look with your eyes, not your hands".

The woman that owns the store said "Oh, they can't hurt anything here, it's all made of wool, they should touch whatever they want".

OK, I'm sure that at Jeans they've had stock ruined by sticky little hands and they want to prevent that from happening again. The manner and tone of the cautions were just too much.


Thanks for the quilting store links. I've been looking for some within my acceptable driving limits!


You bought quilting fabric? Really?
(hee, hee, hee, ha, ha, hee, hee. Hee.)
Where are you putting it?
And I have Icelandic fiber envy. And don't say a word about how I could have bought some too but I wasn't going to spin.


If he was distracted, you should have grabbed the book! ;)


Still hot here....not so humid, but still hot. Beth's blog....um, non blog is lovely!

Thanks for the link to Aunt Jean's. I frequently pass thru Clinton and this will now be a new stop.

Lovely fabric!!


You came to NJ and didn't call? I'm crushed! (grin) I've been to Clinton--how have I missed this store? And the Spinnery that Sarah mentioned has moved to Frenchtown--along the Delaware River. Still open, just a new location. I agree, though, it's HOT. And HUMID. And just miserable! Though, at least, today it wasn't quite so hazy . . . that's something, anyway.


Heat induced ignorance is all too true. It warps the brain, cancels out long term memory and is a valid excuse when you have overdone it at the LYS or LFS.


Love it all! It's great to see a knitter buying fabric. Hehe. My sister lives in Pittstown, NJ- if I go to see her on my trip to the States I'll have to stop at that awful handicrafts store-you bad girl. ;-)

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