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28 June 2005




i tried to knit my FSB mit that Opal but It thought it might be to heavy now I do it with Koigu. But I like like your FLS looks. Is it for you? Good wishes for the final travel preparations :)


You are right. It is much better on the 4.5 needle.


Very nice! And congrats on finishing Birch! It looks lovely!

Teresa C

Much better. Now, try and relax for one more day, all will go fine.


That's more like it. That leaf lace pattern is so easy and soothing...just the thing when your mind is elsewhere. You'll blow through it in no time, however, so you better start thinking what comes next.


And now I see why you and Norma get along so famously - great color choice. Like fall leaves....


Looking good! I'm doing mine on 6 needles....now I'm rethinking. Love the pattern though...so easy.


Looks great - something to look forward to! ;-)


Nice color.

Beth S.

Is that another orange shawl I spy? ;-)

Jo in Ottawa

Looks nice. And it is a lovely colour. Hope all goes well tomorrow with your daughter's departure.


Looks great! I'm so happy that your daughter gets to go to Peru. I'm sure she will have an amazing time and come home with lots of great things to tell (and hopefully give) you!


Oh very nice. Bon voyage to dear daughter, and calm vibes to mom. She'll have a blast, I know it. I can't wait to hear about her adventures. Knit on.


It's lovely, Cassie! Did you find some work gloves for your daughter? She must be on pins and needles! Bon voyage...


Looks great -- I have that pattern, must get some of that yarn! Wishing your daughter a fantastic trip!

Barbara from Nova Scotia

Love that pattern.


What's this I read on Margene's blog about your celebrity?? Aaaah, I knew you when.
Does this mean you'll be coming out for SOAR?


Ohh, good luck today and tomorrow. The shawl looks lovely; I hope it's helping!


It looks beautiful! I have 8 rows left on mine (Koigu on 6s) and I'm feeling pretty confident about my self-imposed Thursday deadline. Happy lacing!


You know how much I LOVE that color.....great choice!!


Some of my friends have been to Peru. Don't know why everyone goes to Peru - but everyone comes back unharm, so don't worry.

Beautiful lace pattern on that shawl.

julia fc

Could you comment on the differences between Birch, LLS and FBS? My head hurts just tinking uh, I mean THINKING about it, but I think you can probably help me see better.

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